How Three Angel Cards Reminded Me That I Was Enough…

How Three Angel Cards Reminded Me That I Was Enough

Recently I found my old deck of Angel Cards while cleaning out the basement.

I was first introduced to Angel Cards by one of my former directors. It soon became a daily ritual that I had grown to love. I still remember sitting in her office, holding her deck of cards, and asking one question in hopes to gain some more clarity in my relationships. Each day, we would pull out three cards – sometimes I liked the message, and sometimes not so much. I didn’t particularly like the cards that told me to release and let go. I mean after all, I was very good at holding on. Right before leaving the company for a new job, I was gifted my own deck of Angel Cards. I had every intention to do my own Angel Card readings daily, but fast forward seven years later, I realized that I haven’t touched them since.

I don’t believe it was a coincidence that I found them one Sunday afternoon. Because this week, I needed them.

Do you sometimes get consumed by a fear that just creeps up on you out of nowhere?

Uncertainty doesn’t sit well with me, and when I feel like I have no control, the fear just hits me like a ton of bricks. This week I felt uninspired. I wasn’t sure what content to create, and what the next steps were to move my business forward. I felt guilty for not doing more and slowly my inner critic creeped in and said, What if you’re just not good enough to make it?

So for the first time in seven years, I dusted off the box that contained my deck of Angel Cards, shuffled them in my hands, held them close against my heart, and asked the Angels to guide me during these moments of self-doubt and fear. I carefully pulled out three cards that felt right to me, and the Angels delivered. Their message was so clear – these are what they said:

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Surrender to the Universe

I know that we all love certainty, but certainty leaves no room for the possibility of something greater than what we planned for ourselves. The Universe has our back, and when the weight feels too heavy for us carry, it’s okay to ask for help. We are enough. I know it’s so easy to take it personally when we try so hard to make something happen, and it doesn’t come to fruition. But it’s not a reflection on whether we’re good enough, or whether we’re deserving enough. It’s because the Universe has a greater plan for us – one that we haven’t even imagined for ourselves.

Something that Gabrielle Bernstein said in her Super Soul Sunday talk always stayed with me. When things are not happening according to plan, it’s because “our plans are in the way of God’s plans”. So surrender to the universe and wait for God’s miracles to unravel.

Trust in the Process

Too often, we focus so much on where we want to be, that we completely forget to enjoy the journey. How would our perspectives change if we knew that whatever we were going through was meant for us? I once had a client who had a hard time opening themselves up in a relationship. There was a deep fear that being vulnerable meant opening up the floodgates of getting hurt.

So I asked him this – What if I told you that you were going to meet the love of your life. But the only way to meet her is if you experience an excruciating heartbreak first. Would you be willing to go through that? Would the journey be worth it then? In other words, if we took fear out of the picture, what would we be willing to do? How much more courageous would we become?

Self-Awareness is a Lifelong Journey

I tell my clients this all the time – personal development is a lifelong journey, and it doesn’t end until we’re dead. Honestly, sometimes I forget to apply this to myself because I feel like I’ve made leaps and bounds since training to be a life coach. But the truth is, change is the only constant in our lives, and so as I continue to maneuver through each stage of my life – especially the difficult ones, I am learning more about myself. This makes every path, every detour, and every narrative necessary in our own personal growth. If everything in life makes sense, let’s start making sense of it.

You are enough, a thousand times enough.

Isn’t it funny how three Angel Cards in a deck gave me just what I needed to get inspired? It also kept my pesky inner critic in check. It’s moments like these when we have to practice self-kindness and ask for help when we need it.

My Angel Cards Reminded Me Today that I Am Enough

And if you ever question whether you are enough – I am here to remind you that you are. Whenever you experience self-doubt, practice what the angel cards reminded me today – lean into the universe, trust your journey, and capitalize on the opportunity to get to know yourself better.


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