What The Akashic Records Are And How A Reading Can Change Your Life…

What The Akashic Records Are And How A Reading Can Change Your Life

The Akashic Records are literally the history of our soul since we were “created” — going for an infinite number of lives or existences. So, if you were or are going to be some sort of animal, you’re going to find that information in the Akashic Records, which can be seen as a container of past, present, and future experiences.

When it comes to the latter, different opportunities, possibilities and outcomes exist and you’re going to find them all in the Akashic Records.

Every decision that we made in the past, every possibility in the future, every karmic pattern, and every block can be found there, which is useful, so we can work on improving or changing something in our life in order to make it more joyful and pleasant in the present.

What kind of information can you get from the Akashic Records?

You can find out all sorts of useful information in the Akashic Records, like, for example, where your soul originated from. Based on this information alone, you’re going to have very specific characteristics. You can also find out what your talents and inner qualities are and how you should behave in the present life to create abundance in the 3rd dimension.

As mentioned before, you can also know what your karmic patterns are and even blocks to what is stopping you from achieving a more fruitful life.

Who can access the Akashic Records?

 Anyone can access the Akashic Records. We are born with the right to access our own Records, but when accessing somebody else’s Akashic Records, it cannot be done unless that person has asked for it (given permission) and has specified their exact intention for it.

The thing is, not everyone can or should access them; in fact, only people with a certain consciousness are able to handle this process with integrity.

It is possible to access the Akashic Records from the 5th dimension of consciousness but not lower.

Also, if someone that wants to access the Akashic Records has any kind of doubts about or is fearful of what might come up, those same fears and doubts will reflect in the reading. That’s why it’s always recommended to come to a reading with an open mind and the willingness to accept the information presented.

What happens once we have an Akashic Records reading?

Every time we clear a block or a karmic pattern that keeps repeating, we are, in fact, changing our own energies to give way to the right energies to create permanent abundance and more joyful life.

Basically, everything that is not needed in our life anymore, anything that doesn’t resonate in our life anymore is completely removed.

For example, if you’re in a relationship with somebody and, by going into the Akashic Records, you find out you have what is called a “negative contract” with that person, once that contract is cleared or removed, that person can “disappear” from your life. Another example can be you end up leaving your current job because it doesn’t resonate with you anymore.

So, once a clearing in the Akashic Records has taken place, once everything that doesn’t belong to you has been removed, be mindful that your life will change, whether you like it or not.

You might not want to live in the same place anymore, you might not have the same friends anymore, and you might not do the same things anymore. If changing your life brings fear or uneasiness in you, then please do not have an Akashic Record reading!

When is the best time to have an Akashic Record reading?

 To be honest, any time is a good time to have a reading, but every time we have a “crisis” (identity, mid-life, etc.) is probably the best time to do it.

A crisis happens when there’s some sort of disconnection between our soul or spiritual energies and our human life. 

When this happens, having an Akashic Records reading can be beneficial to understand ourselves, to understand how we can change our life for the better, and to remove anything that does not belong in our Records.


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