A 3 Step Guide To Realignment…

A 3 Step Guide To Realignment

Change your life by getting realigned to your inner self.

There are times when my brain is so foggy that I can barely remember to breathe. So many thoughts flow in and out, and I find it impossible to latch onto one. It’s like I’m in a field of butterflies. Well, “butterflies” seems to be a generous term. Maybe it’s more like a field of wasps.

I have the tiniest net, like the ones you use to scoop fish out of tanks, and it seems the only way to realign and banish the thoughts is to catch each wasp. They keep stinging me, and man, do they hurt. There are many times when these wasp thoughts become too much, when I feel like I am entirely out of options. The only things I am certain of in these moments are that my net is too small and that getting stung really fucking hurts.

It is times like these when I think it is best to go to the root of the problem. Why is my mind so busy? How did my thoughts spiral from the point of helping to hurting? And, most importantly, how do I realign?

I am most certainly no expert in solving my own problems. My therapist, antidepressants, and many acquired coping mechanisms can attest to that. However, what I am an expert in is simply trying. The following is a guide on how to reconnect with yourself when your head is buzzing, and you’re tired of being stung. Realigning with yourself and your environment tends to be the solution to every problem. In fact, it is in these moments of reconnection that we are able to see the power of our own intuition and our ability to find solutions within ourselves.

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Step one: talk to yourself

I find it amazing in the worst sense of the word that we spend almost little to no time conversing with ourselves. Yes, we have our inner dialogue, but there is something oddly cathartic and natural that comes from simply having a conversation with yourself. I have found that the biggest factor that keeps me from doing so is simply how others will perceive me, and truly, that is a valid point.

I schedule most of my conversations with myself to be while I am commuting to one place or another. I turn the radio down, let the highway hypnosis take over, and rattle on and on about whatever comes into my mind. And, not only does this count as talking with yourself, but it’s also a crucial aspect of step two.

Step two: asking the universe

In order to find realignment, you must tune into the universe.

I am a big believer, as I predict many readers are too, in the power of the universe. I personally have had too many “aha!” moments to not believe in the power of the universe. Whether you want to refer to it as such or as energy, a god or goddess, a life force, the stars, the earth itself, we all seem to be linked by some ineffable force.

In times of worry or stress, I spend time alone, telling the universe what it is I need. This is a concept I cannot stress enough. The universe is willing to deliver what you wholeheartedly ask of it. And I don’t mean just a simple “Hey universe, can you give me 50 bucks?” I mean sit in meditation, write what you need, ask the universe how to get it, call on the elements, seek out answers to your questions. The universe values the amount of effort you put into your needs and most importantly, it values you.

Step three: check in on your body

I focus a lot of my personal practices on the mental aspect of myself. After all, since I feel the thoughts in my mind, it seems that naturally, my brain is the root of it all. However, this tends to not be the case as often as I’d suspect. Instead, there are times when my body genuinely needs to be remembered and appreciated for all it does. There are many ways to acknowledge your body and how perfectly amazing it is in terms of daily functions and needs and caring for you. Your body digests your food, takes you on walks, keeps you breathing. It soaks in rays of the sun, it cools you down after long days, it gives you the ability to rest.

The question I most often ask myself when I remember this is: What am I doing for my body? It ceaselessly cares for me day and night, and I tend to forget parts of it even exist. One of the main ways I connect with my body is through the practice of yoga. I cannot explain or give justice to the feeling that arises when your body finds the perfect pose. The pose where everything melts away. Where you become aware of your heart and your toes and your spine and all of these beautiful parts that make you, YOU! Your body deserves so much love for all it does, and this is a relatively easy way to give back to it.

Life is truly a whirlwind, and it can be incredibly easy to get caught up in. It demands your attention. The society we live in is non-stop. It is formed around feeling bad for taking personal time or not grinding enough. However, it is times when I give energy to these three steps that I find I have more of myself to give to daily activities, and more importantly, that I am more mindful and present in what I choose to devote my time to. I hope these steps find you well and offer you some beautiful clarity.


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