5 Ways Minimalism Deepens Your Spirituality…

5 Ways Minimalism Deepens Your Spirituality

There are many ways to cloud the mind, burden the soul, and stifle your physical well-being without even realizing it. Such is the nature of the hectic modern lifestyle – we live in a world rooted in consumerism, where we let the things we own shape us, define us, and influence our beliefs. These are the bonds you need to break if you are to cleanse the mind, free the soul, and enhance your physical health.

Remember, you don’t own things, but rather by buying more and more you are letting physical things take control, and become the rulers of your consciousness. It’s time you freed yourself by embracing a minimalist mindset in order to influence your spirituality and start a new, healthier chapter in your book of life.

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1) Putting things in perspective and creating priorities

The more things you surround yourself with, the more you will lose sight of what’s truly important in life – for your own well-being and growth, but for the happiness of others as well. In the words of Joshua Becker, founder of Becoming Minimalist: “Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of anything that distracts us from it.”

This means that embracing a minimalist mindset can help you observe your life from a more objective standpoint, and discover the things that truly matter to your spiritual self while discarding the rest. This is the way to cleanse yourself from the burden of physical clutter, be it an extensive wardrobe you never wear, or a cluttered living environment that weights down on your mind and soul.

2) Decluttering and cleansing the mind

To declutter your life as a whole is to cleanse the mind of stress and worry, and embrace a more peaceful existence imbued with unimpeded serenity. Most importantly, embracing a minimalist lifestyle can help you cleanse the mind of the things that are hurtful and toxic. When you start eliminating physical clutter, you will also start to eliminate toxicity from your life altogether.

Before long, you will have replaced watching TV and its violent shows or consuming its toxic political agendas with books and self-healing practices such as restorative meditation and yoga, effectively becoming a healthier person in the process. You will be on your way to creating a truly wholesome living environment.

3) Creating a healthier living environment

Clutter can permeate the mind and soul, but in order to banish emotional clutter for good, it’s imperative that you discover the source of the problem. Typically, this source will be physical clutter itself. Your living environment can greatly influence your emotional and psychological well-being, so there is a need to eliminate clutter altogether in order to build a truly restorative oasis in your home.

You want to replace the clutter with healing elements such as plants and vibrant greenery, and cleanse the air around you with a whole house air purifier to remove the toxins from the air and create a safe space where you can thrive. Now that you have decluttered your living space, you can build a shrine to your health, such as a meditation area or a yoga circle where you can work on your emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.

4) Eliminating all emotional burden

Accumulating physical clutter is not the only problem of the modern way of life. Throughout our life’s journey, we accumulate emotional clutter that weighs us down, and prevents the soul from growing, evolving, and reaching enlightenment. You cannot dwell in the past for you will perish in the present, so the time has come to part with burdensome belongings and free yourself from the shackles that slowed you down on your journey to lifelong happiness.

5) Reinforcing your purpose and your passions

Embracing a minimalist mindset is one of the more powerful ways to rekindle your passions and rediscover your purpose in life. As the years go by, it can get easy to lose sight of what used to drive and motivate you, and lose yourself in a sea of meaningless belongings, transient possessions in the grand scheme of things. Eliminate these elements from your life, and watch as your true purpose and passions start to reemerge and rekindle your love of life itself.

Spirituality comes from within, but it’s important to remember that external influences can have a major impact on the inner workings of your mind, and your soul. Follow the minimalist path to banish the clutter from your life and build a future imbued with health and a true sense of purpose.


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