7 Amazing Examples Of Intuitive Powers Hidden In Plain Sight…

7 Amazing Examples Of Intuitive Powers Hidden In Plain Sight

We are all directly connected naturally, even without using phones, radios or technology. Here are seven ways that people can directly communicate with one another or go to places, describe the area, interact with loved ones and more.

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1) Inventors

Take for instance when someone comes up with a new invention right away within a week or so many other people who don’t know each other have the same idea. Astonishing.

2) Monkeys

When one monkey somewhere in the world learns a new skill, all of a sudden within minutes all the rest of the monkeys around the world learn that same skill. How and why this happens we don’t know, but it’s pretty amazing.

3) Telepathy

This study has been done over and over again. It involves taking one person and putting them in a room with a painting or drawing that they are looking at. Then, there’s one other person, blindfolded in a sound and radio signal-proof room. The first person is then asked to look at the painting, trying to convey that image telepathically to the other person. Results show that 86% of the time, the second person is able to come up what the painting is all about.

4) Hypnotic Communication

Take two people who live in cities 40 miles away and put them both into a deep hypnotic trance at the same time. Then, ask them to meet each other while under hypnosis in another realm of existence. When they both come back into their normal waking state they can recount exactly what they talked about and the topics of conversation even though they physically never got together at all, not even connected on the phone.

5) Indigo Children

In the last 10 years, there have been children born who see a large net or spider web of interconnection that stretches out to everyone. These children can communicate with one another via this web of interaction without phones, radios, or anything else.

6) Mothers

When a mother is startled from her sleep, she knows right away that her grown daughter had a car accident in another state 3,000 miles away. The mother gets up and calls her daughter and finds out that her daughter is in the hospital but she will be okay. This takes place all the time. Mothers are very connected to their children in some amazing way.

7) Remote Viewing

If taught properly, every single person can close their eyes and actually travel to another place and look at this area in their mind and make a record of exactly all the details. And when they open their eyes, they can make a drawing of this place and they are amazingly accurate in what they describe. This is called remote viewing and even the army uses this method.

So the reality is we are all interconnected in some way. We can correspond with one another even without radios, phones, other any other type of electronic equipment.

So how are you going to use your power of intercommunication?

Many blessings to everyone!


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