5 Lessons From Being A Reiki Master In Hospice…

5 Lessons From Being A Reiki Master In Hospice

When death draws close, it’s natural to contemplate past situations and personal decisions. In these final moments, it helps to provide comfort to those transitioning to the other side.

A beautiful form of comfort is Reiki, an ancient technique of stress reduction and holistic healing. The healing practice is done by gentle touch and provides a “life force energy” to the recipient. During a session, the person receiving Reiki is prompted to express inner thoughts and feelings that arise. Ultimately, this session is a blessing to those in the final stages of hospice. The Reiki sessions provide pain relief, spiritual comfort, and a sacred release of unwanted emotions. The release is said to be a soothing mechanism for the heart’s unrest.

For me, a Reiki master, it has gifted me with a listening ear to those who are between life and death. Below, you’ll find their beautiful, final lessons on living:

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1. Avoid caring about the opinions of others:

We are taught from childhood to ignore the opinions of others. Unfortunately, implementing this lesson is not an easy feat. In various stages of life, it’s natural to get caught up in our ego and appearance. In the words of one of my patients; “Please, love yourself and disregard what others think – in the end, this will not matter at all.” We are the true source of our own happiness. Relying on someone’s personal perception as a form of validation is not worth our time. In the end, we will be happier focusing on our own self-improvement.

2. Avoid settling for something that brings you unhappiness:

I have heard the phrase; “I wish I never settled” time and time again. Settling for a false life is a disservice to our passions. Life gives us one chance to live up to our potential. When we settle, we will always have the lingering feeling of discontent. I had a woman whisper to me; “Settling for something doesn’t bring you a comforting future, but a future of settling for unhappiness.” Making happiness a priority means never settling for something that comes between you and joy.

3. You will never regret chasing your dreams:

Chasing our dreams aligns with passion and purpose. The dreams envisioned for ourselves are not influenced by outside sources, but gently planted into fruition by our intuition. Following our dreams is a divine testament to our inner strength. Life is too short to let your inner calling be silenced. To quote a lovely man; “Mapping out a plan to make your dreams a reality is the first step in creating a meaningful life.”

4. Never regret loving the wrong person:

Love is an eternal commitment to ourselves and to others. Love does not associate with envy, jealousy, or hatred. Instead, it has the power to heal others, cultivate caring actions, and contribute comfort. You will never regret loving someone who has given their heart to you. Unfortunately, part of life can involve loving the wrong person. In turn, this involves giving love to someone who is undeserving. We may not realize the detrimental effects of their toxicity until years later. For this reason, we take our past love as a lesson and make it a point to safely guard our hearts. In the words of a beautiful woman; “And when your love finds the right person, everything is just easy. You learn from heartbreak and walking away. Then, after, you find the right person. And you will think to yourself – I am so glad I learned this lesson. I am so grateful for my new love!”

5. Pain is one of the greatest teachers

A hospice patient once explained; “Whenever you feel pain in life, don’t waste your time on sadness, use it to be better in the future. You don’t want to look back on life like me and realize you wallowed in pity for too long.”

Do not view pain as a burden, but as an invitation to understanding. Pain teaches us personal vulnerability and strength. If we choose to connect with our strength, then we can cultivate a personal healing process. The moments spent “playing the victim” are detrimental to our happiness. Be relentless during your difficulties, and address pain as the ultimate teacher. In the end, we are only given so many days and so many hours in this life. Choose to live a life with minimal regrets by leading a life with love. How you define yourself, love and happiness rests in your heart – and your heart only. Make the choice to live fully.


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Marissa Ranahan

Marissa Ranahan is a holistic life coach and spiritual teacher based in Boston, Massachusetts. She has been a guiding force…

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