Soul Mates/Twin Flames And The Power Of Kundalini (Tantra) Yoga…

Soul Mates/Twin Flames And The Power Of Kundalini (Tantra) Yoga

Tantra is an ancient Hindu yoga philosophy that means to expand the mind and unite the Yin and Yang within us. Yoga means to join together. In Tantra yoga we join together, the Conscious and the Unconscious, the Soul and the Ego, the Masculine and Feminine characteristics within the self.

“Tantra (Kundalini) yoga is namely the interpretation given to the precise condition of the non-ego [Soul], which affects our personal psychology, however independent from us it remains. It sees the aim of human development as bringing about an approach to, and connection between the specific nature of the non-ego [Soul] and the conscious ego.” – Carl Jung, 1931

The Chakra System Is Part of Tantra

The chakra system within the tantric tradition, when balanced is a representation of an integrated individual, bringing their human nature together with their spiritual nature.

The chakra system is built on the psychological and spiritual functions corresponding to life and is highly connected, with our nervous and endocrine systems. Mainstream society functions at the first three and a half centers. Leaving out the transpersonal upper realm-the world of spirit.

Through study (acquiring self-knowledge) and practicing kundalini yoga, we bridge the gap between the conscious and unconscious, the soul and ego, and the masculine and feminine.

I am not going into the whole chakra system here, but we are identified with either the masculine characteristics of a particular chakra or the feminine characteristics. Whichever polarity we are identified with, the other, lives in our unconscious out of sight from us. The goal is to transcend the polarities and live in the center. When the energy is balanced within the center, the sacred coiled energy (kundalini) is awakened and flows. Once we live in the center of all the chakras, the kundalini energy flows through our body, to be one with our soul and the transcendent force of the universe.

True soul mates help us awaken the upper realm of the chakra system, through the world of spirit. However, it is our job to acquire self- knowledge, psychological and spiritual knowledge and centralize life, our life.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet, the author of Soul Mates and Twin Flames says, “The way to your twin flame is first, find your own wholeness in God. As you do this, you can also give spiritual support to your twin flame, through prayer and meditation.”

When true Twin Flames reunite, they have self-knowledge and are initiated. They have plunged deep within; twin flames have earned their wings so to speak.

We are whole and the kundalini energy is flowing, we can reunite with our Soul’s counterpart and further our oneness with the transcendent through Tantra, in the Vehicle of Sex.

In the story of Eros and Psyche, Mercury, the messenger for Jupiter gives the eternal lovers his caduceus. Eros and Psyche have earned their wings. The caduceus is the equivalent to the Kundalini rising within the Chakra system of the east. Incidentally, this symbol is the medical sign. The two snakes of the caduceus and chakras represent the masculine and feminine energies, and as we transcend the polarities, we become centered and healthy- our human nature and our spiritual nature have merged and are one with the transcendent.

In the east, Shiva and Shakti represent the equivalent to Eros and Psyche and are depicted seated facing each other, in the Yab-Yum position. Eros and Psyche and Shiva and Shakti are the supreme examples of a mystical marriage. The sex between these couples graduates as Tantric sex.

The ancients were not of mainstream thought and their social order as well as our society is ruled by the first three chakras. A true sexual spiritual encounter is never going to happen if we are ruled by security, exploitation of sex, money, and power.

The sex between the eternal lovers is supposed to be a holy ceremony, and both partners need to be on equal setting for this to take place. They see each other as the god and goddess incarnate, but their own chakras are balanced, and the Kundalini rises and touches the transcendent within them. As the ancient Tantric said,” As I experience pleasure, so the universe experiences pleasure through me.”

The Benefits of the Chakras and Kundalini (Tantra) Yoga:

The chakras within tantric yoga help us to Know our psychological masculine and feminine characteristics of our conscious ego mind.

Tantra yoga awakens our third eye and brings us to understand the world of spirit.

The chakra system when used as a guide, assists us in developing ourselves toward wholeness in God.

We identify with our soul and enter the chamber of God within the holy of holies of our mystical eternal silence.

We raise the sacred kundalini energy within us and become one with the transcendent force outside of us.


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