Soul Connection Report: The World Is Getting A Makeover…

Soul Connection Report: The World Is Getting A Makeover

The Reset Starts This Month!

Be ready to be surprised and discover more about yourself and reality at large.

A period of inner and outer revolution is starting. A riot of energies can be awakening inside. Our shadows, resentment, anger, and hopelessness can surge to shake us up, and we may find ourselves trapped in our negative mind.

If this is the case for you, and you are challenged by pessimism and fear, be aware that this is not the only possibility (even though it comes across as an ultimatum).

There are other ways of seeing and transforming your reality.

Our minds have been programmed to be protective (and right), and because of that, it often constructs outcomes that are of the worst predicament. Our minds usually take what seems somewhat familiar and add it to the story that we keep creating inside us, making our lives challenging and peace impossible.

Our story is essential to understand where we come from and learn from our path’s experiences. Unfortunately, we tend to identify with the events and the subsequent pain, and most likely, we can’t help but feel victimized by it.

Because this is a time of shift and change, I am asking you to make an effort to try stopping your mind from formulating sentences that create limiting beliefs.

Stop your mind from putting you in a corner and into the space of desperation and survival. You will be surprised at how effective it can be to become the observer of your mind and direct your inner dialogue from a higher consciousness level.

Start to listen to your needs and feelings with a neutral heart. In doing so, you are tapping into a new frequency of peaceful communication that will attract a different destiny.

Understanding what’s behind your needs is essential to receive the information needed to provide what’s necessary to evolve. In this way, you can tap into your higher mind, acquire a new understanding of life, and get a few sparkles of insights that can show you a new path with which to move forward.

Since I like to look above for guidance and meaning, I discovered that at this time, a magic Star is present in the Sky. It’s called the Star Spica, or Star of the Lady in the Sky, and it’s in conjunction with the Sun and the Moon in the Virgo Constellation.

The Spica Star is very auspicious. It’s the presence of the shining light of the Divine Feminine. It’s a diamond shining in the night to lighten up the darkest moments of the soul. It inspires us to find hope where there seems not to be any. It’s the presence of the life-giving force of the feminine, a diamond shining in the night. With the wings of an Angel, the energy of Spica is here to make us feel protected and safe in a time where everything looks unstable.

Many cultures acknowledge this Star, and some studies point to it as the Star of Bethlehem. It is believed that this Star awakens in us the lessons that we have learned, the philosophical aspect of life; it stimulates eloquence, creativity, artistic inspirations, innovative ideas, opens the higher mind, and brings the grace of elegance.

I suggest we breathe in and tune into this Angelic presence in the sky, to be guided into the inner meanders of our soul. Each one can participate in this planetary rebirth with big and small changes made with courage and awareness. As we are in it, we understand how important it is as we are all in this to make changes for a better life.

Look at the people that surround you with new lenses and be prepared to accept what you see. Try not to separate people and situations in slots of good and bad, right and wrong – responsibilities into obligations and duties, but rather into choices that reflect different parts of yourself and the expression of different perspectives from others.

The Sky is shining enough light for us to know more, to do more, to feel more, and to shift into a new and improved version of ourselves.

We are being called upon to let go of how we used to do things, all things—even small tasks. All that we think has to go through the veils of the truth of the heart. Inner perceptions, old feelings faithfully stored, the old ways of pacifying ourselves, ideas that we have created in our mind about who we are, who other people are – are just not going to work anymore.

Let’s become that new element of change that brings in peace and compassion to the new world. Let’s be the voice that supports, understands, and helps. Let’s open our hearts to embrace the differences that populate this world and enrich them through love, understanding, compassion, and acceptance.


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Donatella Moltisanti


A naturally-gifted healer with a music conservatory degree in opera performance and teaching, Donatella Moltisanti is the founder of the…

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