Your Soul Brand Is Your Frequency…

Your Soul Brand Is Your Frequency


I first learned of the theory “we are all one” in yoga teacher training. It’s described to me as we are all individual waves in the ocean. It made sense to me in this logic, how it affects our day to day escapes me. But I get it, love others how we like to be loved.

My very lovely mentor has just brought this to light for me. We are all energies but we each have our own frequency. Hence the existence of low to high vibrations. All exist for their own reasons for being.

So in other words, you are already impacting the world simply with your existence. You see, we are all connected with our energies. No one is ever too small to impact the entire world. It’s a matter of how bright and loud you emit your frequency.


Your business is your way of walking out your purpose, pursuing the impact you want to imprint on this world.

Your brand is your frequency. It’s unique to you, unique to each and every one of us.

It’s a decision, in the end, it’s your choice to make. Amplify your frequency or not. But you have the choice to accept, start emitting your frequency and imprinting your intent on the universe.


I’ve played small too. Because I question how good I am, how big of an impact I’m capable of making. Or think to myself, who am I to think I can be THAT big… like someone such as Oprah? Gabby Bernstein? Marie Forleo? This is a gift from my mentor, and I like to share with you …”I dream big! A high life is available to me, the universe is conspiring to bring it into my awareness as I take inspired actions towards my dreams.”

My frequency involves; genuinity, honesty, in-tune in knowing where you are unique, throat chakra is clear in telling you when you are shying away from your greatness, and I’m really practical in picking patterns when you’ve showcased your uniqueness all throughout your life journey. I simply connect you to see your own greatness.

I see your greatness, the impact you can make, and can’t wait for others to see it too.


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