I’m Soizic Loup, And This Is My Dharma

Soizic is the CEO & Founder of Beautifully Human, a coaching company centered around the idea that every individual has inherent value no matter how they have been labeled by society. Soizic is a life coach, yoga teacher and reiki therapist. Beautifully Human’s intention is to provide guidance to creative souls and mission-driven entrepreneurs. We do our best to create a practice and community that includes not only spiritual and health tools, but also takes into account emotional, familial, psychological and social issues.

Personal or Professional Goals:

To live with authenticity and spread the Beautifully Human message across artistic and activist communities. Right now, I am especially passionate about allowing artists, musicians, and creative entrepreneurs to reach their full potential while remaining in alignment. Too often, we think that we must work hard and struggle to get to where we want to be. Of course, aligned and inspired action is important (you can’t design a business by only meditating for example!). But there is an ease and grace that comes with creating art, business and projects that are just meant to be, all while tapping into our innate gifts. Finding this place of flow is something I have navigated for myself, and it is my personal goal to help each and every one of my clients (and readers!) to achieve the same.

What’s Your Offering to the World?

A diverse and colorful mix of healing modalities, delivered from the heart (and the gut!). I also focus on reclaiming divine feminine energy these days, because feminine energy is rising so abundantly right now. Our society has unfortunately been shaming and oppressing anything that has to do with feminine energy. It is really important for me to design offerings that highlight the fact that feminine energy is part of everyone’s life no matter your assigned gender, or your personality.

Who/What Inspires You?



My mission is to help with the current shifts happening in our world: both in terms of healing and personal fulfillment, but also when it comes to social consciousness (including issues of intersectional feminism, LGBTQIA+ rights and racism).

Favorite Quote:

“- Que devient une étoile qui meurt ?
– Un rêve qui vit.”
― Pierre Bottero, Ellana
“- What does a dying star become?
– A living dream”


I am currently focusing on creating a supportive and inclusive environment in my Secrets of Alchemy online course. It is absolutely mindblowing to see the change that can take place in a really short time, just because people are given holistic approaches and efficient techniques to work with. Recently, I had a client in just 4 days realize that she had/overcome a very deep and unconscious fear of success that had let her to sabotage herself repeatedly. My goal is to keep delivering massive values to everyone I cross path with and celebrate all of our ‘haha’ moments!





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