Sleeping On The Ground Is Best For Wellness…

Sleeping On The Ground Is Best For Wellness

I was guided to start sleeping on the ground several years into my healing journey. I started out sleeping on a Japanese-style floor bed after a failed attempt at traveling around the world left me living at my father’s house yet again. I had not originally planned on living there, so there was no bedroom for me in the house that my father decided to rent that year.

We had an extra floor bed that was typically used for guests. I started sleeping on it and noticed that I felt a lot more grounded. It also felt really good on my back.

The spine is where the energetic chakra system lies– our Kundalini life-force energy. When we take good care of the back and spine, we are allowing for better health, flow, and functioning of the entire body/mind/spirit system as a whole.

After a while, my sister moved out of the house, and I took over her room. Although she had a bed in the room, I decided to start sleeping on the floor. The floor bed was a nice transition, but sleeping on the ground itself helped me feel even more grounded!

Human beings were designed to sleep on the ground. Beds disconnect us from the ground/earth, causing us to become ungrounded and more in our heads, which can lead to anxiety, dissociation, and mental health problems. When we sleep on the ground, it allows us to connect more with our bodies and with the earth in general, which allows for better flow throughout the mind/body system.

I also sometimes sleep outside in a tent in my backyard to connect even more directly with the earth. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but in terms of health and restoration, the benefits of connecting directly with the divine feminine energy of mother Gaia on a regular basis are enormous.

Overall, I recommend sleeping on the ground if you struggle with mental health issues, back issues, or if you are looking to improve your ability to manifest using the law of attraction.


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Emily Heron


Emily is a writer, shamanic healer and intuitive holistic health coach. She has created a series of online courses about…

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