Glorious, beautiful, glowing skin!

The human body is a magnificent piece of art that is encased in an organ of the integumentary system, a beautiful complicated organ.

It is an organ that can divide people, bring out the most heinous behaviours based on its colour, it has started wars by those ignorant . It comes in so many shades and varies in thickness person to person and on a persons body. The delicateness of a newborns body versus the ruggedness of an oil worker. The organ can be treated well or poorly and often responds in kind. We slather it in chemical lotions and potions in the hopes of keeping it vital and supple only to face the face in the mirror and witness first hand the passage of time. We mindlessly wash it, rub it, shave and ignore it, we yet we rarely notice it until it happens.

It happens without warning, those minutes, hours, days of sheer uncomfortableness. That sense of something not right, an inkling that you may just explode right through your organ into a trillion little pieces.

It is impossible to synthesize the sensations into categories, at times it is a sense of heat and other times it is a sense of cold. It can be itchy or dry, it can feel as though it is melting or growing. It is simultaneously hot and cool to the  touch and so sensitive it is as if I can feel my cells reproduce and the dead ones fall away, like a mini war is being waged on my forearm.

I often wonder if this feeling of uncomfortableness in my own skin is what a heroin addicts feels when they are jonseing for the next fix. I can only describe it as a full body wave of dissatisfaction with my very being, almost a betrayal of my being. My skin does not want to stay and neither does my body and they are bickering about who is going to win.

My own body does not want to be IN my skin, my skin does not wan t to be ON my body and my mind is screaming at both to sit down shut up.

It is a feeling that is not satisfied by anything external, no amount of exercise, chocolate, meditation, sex, drugs or alcohol. The only thing that will make it go away is time which can be torturous when you are sitting in something that does not want you. It is worse than your first crush who did not know you were alive despite the notes you left on his car confessing your undying love, the kind of love you are sure will consume you and take your very last breath.

We all did that, right? Right?

Glorious, beautiful, glowing skin!

The first line of defense from the elements, it can keep us warm or cool us down, it can give warning signs of puberty or menopause, it can form scars over wounds and it can tingle at a lover’s gentle touch. It can shed at a rate of 40,000 cells per minute and fully replace itself in 48 days, yet it can render me useless and incapable any time it wants to when nothing is wrong yet everything feels out of sorts.

Glorious, beautiful, glowing skin!

It is a magnificent organ that has so much influence in the global sense and yet we rarely sit in our skin to determine how it feels, what it needs to be comfortable. Instead we ignore it until those moments when it is so irritated and unhappy it can do nothing but send every possible message all at once making us feel as though we will implode or explode.

Glorious, beautiful, glowing skin!

I have come to know over the years that these moments of exquisite discomfort are followed by an awakening that was not planned or prepared for yet necessary, always necessary. Perhaps I am the only one who notices the shifting, the birthing, the shedding of any cocoon that the skin gives me hints at if I would only listen but I bet it happens to you too.

Glorious, beautiful, glowing skin please come in peace.


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Rhonda Cochrane

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