Sivana Launches Its Summer Campaign To Save Children’s Lives…

Sivana Launches Its Summer Campaign To Save Children’s Lives

Sivana has teamed up with SevaChild International this summer to provide powerful micronutrients that protect children from VADD, a terrible disease that leaves children’s immune systems weak and can result in permanent loss of vision, and even death. SevaChild is a 501(C) 3 non-profit organization focused on eradicating VADD disease among children under 5 in India.

To support the remarkable work of SevaChild, Sivana is excited to announce its matching donation program. This is designed to give you an opportunity to literally Save A Child’s Life!

The way it works is Sivana will match every dollar contributed to SevaChild during this campaign — and for every dollar matched, two children will receive a full year’s supply of the vitamin A that will help protect them from VADD (vitamin A deficiency disorders.)

Your donation dollars are the fuel that feeds SevaChild’s’ efforts; in fact, it would be impossible to overstate the importance of your contributions. Thanks to the power of donations from supporters like you, coupled with the dedicated work of more than 2,000 SevaChild volunteers on-the-ground in India, SevaChild provided disease-preventing micro nutrients to more than 1,200,000 children in 2016. With an estimated 30,000,000 children at risk of VADD in India, they’re not stopping there: they have already increased their reach to over 1,300,000 children in the first half of this year. Just look at the graph to see what they have accomplished in a few short years.

The children SevaChild serves are the poorest of the poor in remote rural villages and urban slums. Without a boost of support from kind-hearted people like you, their options to overcome their challenges of poverty and disease are extremely limited. Please donate a dollar, or whatever you are comfortable with contributing, and become a life-saving source for twice the number of children for every dollar you give.


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