Simplify Your Life, And Start By De-cluttering…

Simplify Your Life, And Start By De-cluttering


One of the best ways down the path to a simpler life is simplifying everything around you. For many that can mean a cleaner and less-cluttered home.

Of course, that is often easier said than done. It’s a worthwhile venture, however, considering a clutter-free home often means a clutter-free mind. A clearer mind leads to less stress, and less stress leads to all sorts of other possibilities.

Here are three easy steps you can use to get rid of clutter in your home and make your life a whole lot simpler.

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1) Learn to Let Go

Let’s face it. You don’t have to be a reality TV-level hoarder to know that you may simply have too many things in your house. The challenge is identifying which things to keep and which things to hold onto.

Tackle letting go from a few different angles. On one hand, learn not to let paper items such as magazines, newspapers, coupons and mail pile up so much that it turns into a diving expedition just to get to the bottom. One tip in this vein is to set deadlines for all paper that enters the home. If you don’t read that magazine article or plan to use a coupon within a few days, toss it in the recycling bin.

Another area where it can be difficult to let go is clothing or other sentimental items. If you only wear about 15 to 20 percent of your entire wardrobe on average, it’s probably time to go through the closet and make some decisions. Yes, it may be hard to part with that now-out-of-style pair of jeans that remind you of such good times, but the stress-free lifestyle you live when you de-clutter will far outweigh the happiness a sentimental pair of jeans brings you.

2) Learn to Organize

By definition, a well-organized home will have significantly less clutter and make your life easier in so many different ways. Not only will it make for less stuff just generally lying around, it will also make said stuff easier to find when you actually need it. There are a number of organization projects you can easily take on, such as kitchen utensils, shoes in your closet, groceries, kids’ toys, toiletries and other bathroom items, and clothing in your dresser or closet.

It’s also possible to organize other areas of your home that can lead to messy situations. For example, consider using cordless window blinds and shades, which work without using cords that can turn into a tangled mess. You can also organize all of the cords associated with your electronics–computers, TVs, home theater systems, video game consoles, and so on. It can be a time-consuming project but well worth it in the end.

3) Learn Time Management

Cutting your clutter around the house is often a daunting task, which is a main reason why it’s hard to get started in the first place.

One approach that can help is to simply take de-cluttering step-by-step using a timer. Start by setting the timer on your phone to 15 minutes, then pick a cluttered area of your home and get to it. Try to think of nothing else and just put in the 15 minutes of work. You’ll be surprised at how much progress you can make in such a short amount of time.

After the 15 minutes is over, you’re finished for that session. Continue to go about your day and perhaps add in one or two more cleaning and organizing sessions later in the day. Once you get this habit into your routine, it will be easier to add time, whether it’s 30-minute or hour-long intervals, to tackle larger tasks.

Nobody wants to live in an over-cluttered home, but sometimes it just happens. Particularly for larger families, there can be so many other things going on that make it easy to put de-cluttering the house on the back burner. On the other hand, the amount of clutter in your home can be proportional to your stress level on a given day. Learning to obtain–and maintain–a clutter-free living environment will phase out the stress and help you work toward a much simpler life.


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