16 Definitive Signs Your Third Eye Is Opening…

16 Definitive Signs Your Third Eye Is Opening

The third eye is the key to our inner wisdom and essential in providing a bridge between our human experience and the spiritual realm. Since ancient times it has been highly revered and seen as a gateway that takes our perception beyond the usual confines of physician sight. The third eye location sits in the center of our forehead and is the sixth chakra – also known as the Ajna chakra. It is the home of light, lessons, perception, and the strength of our own intuition. In Sanskrit, the word Ajna can mean to perceive or in other translations – to command.

Having all our chakras balanced is important but opening the third eye is an essential step for those who want to leap higher and free themselves from the ego. When our third eye is blocked it can cause mayhem – it can make us feel distrustful of our own choices, it can lead to dizziness and anxiety, it stops us from dreaming or sleeping well, and it cuts us off from our instinct. Blockages in the third eye can lead to feelings of disconnection and generally prevent us from accessing our psychic abilities, trusting our gut feeling, and finding the right path. Fortunately, there are ways to open your third eye – yoga poses, manifesting, crystal healing, and meditating are just a few suggestions to crack open that invisible eye. If you have been mindfully putting the work in to open your third eye, here are some surefire signs that your efforts are working.

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1) Dull sensation of pressure between the eyebrows

One of the main signs that your third eye is opening can come in the form of feeling physical pressure in that area. It doesn’t need to be any big lightning-bolt-like feeling but could be more of a sense of being touched in between your eyebrows. It can also feel like a low-pressure sensation or as though the area is flooded with warmth. Sometimes a third eye activation can also show up in the form of headaches – this is particularly true if your kundalini energy is activated and trying to rise up and wake up your subconscious mind. Frequent headaches or even migraines can be an unwelcome side effect of a third eye opening but can be managed or soothed with meditation, the use of crystals like amethyst, and through reiki healing too.

2) Foresight

When our third eye is open, we naturally become more attuned to the universe and more connected to any stashed away spiritual powers we may have. Therefore, another sign of your third-eye opening can be the gift of foresight. Maybe you will have a hunch about how something will turn out or you have dreams or visions that are ripe with meaning. Foresight can be a subtle feeling in the early days but as your third eye opens more often and you strengthen that connection, your foresight and other spiritual gifts will also grow stronger.

3) Positive change

The alignment and opening of any chakra bring positive and often powerful change into our lives. When we have a clear flow of energy from the universe through our bodies, it makes us more open, aware and connected to the world in which we inhabit and those higher plains. When the third eye is open, our perspective will gently start to shift and we will enjoy positive tweaks to our personality that come in a very yin fashion rather than being pushed or forced. When this chakra opens, you will naturally fall into a sense of self that has less room for negative energy and has deeper developed intuitive abilities all of which nurture positive change in its purest fashion.

4) Deeper connection to an inner self-reliance

One of the most important tasks and strengths of the third eye chakra is its ability to help us lean into self-reliance. When we are strong in our sense of self and when we can trust in our own intuition to guide us, we walk through the world with more confidence and a sense of power. Creating a connection to the Self (with a capital S) can transform the way you hold yourself in this world and gives you a sense of clarity. This connection to the deeper inner self also helps us to step out of fear and into courage, meaning that we are more likely to take life by the reigns and thrive in our fullest unlimited potential.

5) Lights

There are many subtle signs and energies that point towards your third eye is open but some clues are a little less subtle. One of these could be that you see light in a different way. The light of the third eye can appear when it’s in its full manifestation, in its fullest form it can take the form of a white five-pointed star haloed by a golden circle. Other times it may be less formed and can show up in a series of lights and circles. While you may not always see the five-pointed star, overall you may find your senses are much more sensitive to sound and light. It may be overwhelming to be in places with loud music or bright lights or you may find that you hear sound and see lights with way more intensity than before. This is because your consciousness is expanding and inviting more colors, sounds, and shapes from the spiritual realm.

6) Stronger connection with intuition

The third eye is the seat of your intuition and when this eye is open you may feel a keener sense that you can trust and lean into that intuition. Intuition is also associated with the ability to read energy and the motto – vibes don’t lie. If you get a bad or a good feeling about someone or something, this is your intuition speaking and should be considered one of your most trusted avenues of decision-making. When your third eye is open, those intuitive feelings should grow stronger and sharper and become a source that you can certainly trust.

7) Seeing shapes and colors when you close your eyes

As the third eye is responsible for helping us see beyond the periphery of the here and now, this may manifest itself in seeing more colors and shapes when we close our eyes. While many people may see darkness and some light spots with closed eyes, those who have an activated third eye can start to see beyond our material realm and into other ethereal plains. This can show up in the form of orbs and energy which take on shapes and colors that aren’t fully formed into static images. Some of the most common colors you may see when your third eye is opening can be shades of blue and white and purple. They may ebb and flow and turn into different shapes that can be quite mesmerizing. This is often witnessed during meditative practice or breathwork sessions or when we are in a state of relaxation and able to access the shapes and lights of other plains.

8) Being more conscious of what you eat

While it may seem strange that a third eye-opening would make you more conscientious about what you eat, it actually makes perfect sense. The food we consume (like everything) has energy attached to it and those vibrations permeate our bodies. As our third eye opens and our body adjusts to that change in vibration, we may become more sensitive to the vibrations and energies that are apparent in certain foods. For example, consuming meat or animal products may feel different from how it did before, or eating processed food may make you feel like your vibrational energy is undergoing a negative impact. Remember, the body, mind, and soul are all connected so it makes sense that a spiritual awakening will affect the bodily response too.

9) Developing more empathy

Another surefire sign that you could be experiencing this eye-opening is the fact that you start feeling the throes of empathy more deeply. Empathy is the ability to understand and ‘feel’ where another person is coming from. As your third eye connects you to the world that sits beyond peripheral vision, you may start to have a better understanding of the fact that we are all one and this can bring more kindness, softness, and patience for other people around you. Developing more empathy as a result of your third eye opening may make you less quick to judge others and in turn, can make you more compassionate when it comes to yourself too.

10) You notice synchronicities

Those who are experiencing a third eye opening may also notice more synchronicities in life. Even though these synchronicities have always been there, we aren’t always open or attuned to them. Our third eye can help us to see that these may be more than simple coincides and can have deeper meaning and lend momentum to our lives. This could be in the form of seeing angel numbers, spiritual symbols, animal spirit guides, and more. We start to realize that there is no such thing as coincidence and that everything is happening for a reason. You may also become more aware of the people who are put in your path and what role they may bring to the table. Everyone and everything happens for a reason as part of the universe’s master plan and when you are in touch with your third eye – this becomes clearer than ever.

11) Vivid dreams & lucid dreaming

Another sign that your third eye is open can come through the significance of vivid and lucid dreams. Our dreams can often contain guidance and messages from our deeper subconscious, our guardian angels, and those higher plains. If you have been dreaming in technicolor or if your dreams seem sharper and more meaningful then this can mean that your third eye is gifting you the things you need to process, heal, and access your higher self. Don’t just sit on these dreams but instead opt to take action as these dream messages can deepen your healing journey. Keep a dream journal, meditate, and if you have dreams that seem to be centered around a person or a place, seek those things out as they could be vital messages leading you to someplace you need to be. The center of lucid dreaming is also linked to spirituality and pathways to new or alternative realities opening up.

12) Lack of fear

We have been taught to think that fear is a natural byproduct of existence and it can be. There are going to be moments in life when we feel gripped by uncertainty or a feeling that time is fleeting. But when our third eye is open, we can become less beholden by these fears. The third eye does many things  – it helps us to trust our instincts, it opens us up to the idea of bigger-picture thinking, and it helps us to embrace multiple realities rather than feeling stuck in the confines of the here and now. Another big way in which the third eye opening allows you to let go of fear is in its encouragement to trust yourself. Often we can feel overwhelmed when it comes to decision-making and may struggle to know which path to choose. The third eye can provide beautiful guidance and remind us that we have access to all the answers we need.

13) A feeling of freedom

With the absence of fear lightening your load and a newly developed trust in your own intuition as a guiding compass, this can bring with it a new flush of freedom. This freedom can also come from your third eye releasing you from the traps, trials, and tribulations of the ego. When we settle into a sense of what is and let go of expectations, this gives us permission to fully embrace the moment we are in and to feel shifts in positive vibrations and energies. Along with feeling a sense of freedom, you may also shift your life perspective and suddenly seek a higher life purpose. You may feel compelled to readjust your priorities, change things up, and connect to decisions that are more aligned with your soul purpose and your pathway to higher spirituality. Your third eye is sending a message that you should no longer swerve your soul mission but rather embrace it.

14) You experience telepathic abilities

Telepathy also surpasses our usual human senses. When you have telepathic abilities it’s the ability to communicate with the world and others in it through means that go beyond our five senses of touch, smell, taste, seeing, and hearing. It can be as subtle as thinking about someone only to receive a DM from them moments later or it can be as bold as knowing what someone is thinking or about to say seconds before they say it. When your third eye is open, these telepathic abilities feel stronger and have a keener sense of truth and this ‘little inner voice’ can become louder. The more in touch with our telepathic abilities we become, the more connected we become to the world and the universe we inhabit. It can help us forge stronger bonds with the natural world, our ancestors, our spirit guides, and all the synchronicities stashed within it.

15) You discover clairvoyant abilities

Clairvoyancy is the ability to perceive events, circumstances, or messages that have yet come to pass. When your third eye is open, you may find that this hidden spiritual gift bubbles to the surface. Clairvoyancy can show up in flashes – it can be images, dreams, intuitive thoughts, or hunches that stand strong. It can encourage us to step into certain areas and warn us of stepping into others. It can show up in relation to our own lives or the lives of those around us. When these abilities do choose to show up, you should take them with importance as they form part of the divine plan and are messages from the universe.

16) Astral projection

One of the most advanced signs of a third eye opening is the ability to astral project. Astral projection can also be known as an out-of-body experience. However, the difference with astral projection is that it is an intentional out-of-body experience that the person wills into action. While it’s believed that our soul doesn’t actually separate fully from our body, an out-of-body experience can cause the soul to rise up out of our body and even travel beyond our mortal plains (all while staying attached to our body by that integral silver cord). Astral projection allows us to explore multiple realities and to even leap up to those higher astral plains.


How are brain waves are linked to our third eye? 

When it comes to brain waves and the third eye opening, this is where spirituality meets science. There are alpha and beta waves in the body that show up when we are experiencing different things. This is also linked to the fact that our third eye chakra has a direct relationship with our pituitary glands and our hypothalamus glands along with being located in our pineal gland – there’s a lot of brain activity linked up together. Alpha waves are released when we are experiencing calmness and joy whereas beta waves are related to loss and sadness. There are also gama waves which are considered to be the most powerful waves that come from a deep sense of meditation. Alpha waves can also show up when we feel in alignment with nature and the universe so the activation of the third eye chakra can stimulate those high alpha waves and vice versa. With these high alpha waves also comes a deeper connection with the cosmos which in turn helps us to be open and receptive to the messages that the universe has for us – this is also known as intuition which we also know as being a sign of a third eye chakra that is in tune with the universe.

How can we experience third-eye activation?

There are several ways in which you can encourage your third eye chakra to open. One of the main pathways is via the route of meditation. Entering meditation with an emphasis on opening your third eye can work as long as you focus your attention and cut through the fog. You can also use crystals to help with this meditation – particularly crystals that are linked to the third eye – such as stones that are purple. Other methods of activating your third eye include leaning into your intuition and learning how to grow that skill. You can also pay more attention to your dreams and keep a journal or decipher messages that come through. Affirmations are another way of encouraging a third eye awakening and connecting with your mind’s eye. Yoga, breathwork, chanting, and working with reiki masters are other ways in which you can open your third eye and expand your vision to higher consciousness.

What are the experiences of third eye activation? 

When your third eye is activated, there are a whole host of experiences you can enjoy. Not only may you find that your sense of intuition is sharpened, but your focus in general will feel cleaner and less muddled. You may also notice old fears and ego-centric thoughts dropping away and this will bring with it a newfound sense of freedom. You may also have heightened awareness of your surroundings and feel any psychic gifts become more apparent. Other feelings associated with third eye chakra activation are heightened feelings of peace and harmony.


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