When To Get On The Mat: 5 Signs You Need Yoga In Your Life…

When To Get On The Mat: 5 Signs You Need Yoga In Your Life

You Need Yoga!

To all of us yogis out there, sometimes it can be hard to maintain a consistent yoga routine. We can fall off a bit from our practice while trying to balance everything else in our lives.

When I don’t make time to fit it in and take a break to take care of myself, there are a few things that begin to happen to me.

Here are 5 signs that you, too, need to practice yoga.

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1. Bad Posture

Do you ever catch yourself slouching lower and lower to the ground and walking around with rounded shoulders? This usually happens to me when I have begun to neglect my body. Often times, this is due to lacking core strength.

We spend a lot of time these days in front of computers, leaning over.

When you make a point to practice yoga, many poses work your core and require strength in this part of your body.

Also, because instructors usually draw your attention to lengthening your neck and back, it becomes a part of your mindset during the day when you are out of the studio.

2. Shallow Breathing

After days without yoga, I catch myself breathing in shorter breaths, and needing to force myself to breathe deeper.

With the constant reiteration in class to focus on your breath, I find that I will carry this part of yoga with me during the day when I am feeling a bit suppressed.

So if you catch yourself feeling like you have lack of air, it could be because you aren’t reminding yourself to breathe deep into your belly.

3. Increased Anxiety

When I haven’t made time for yoga, mini-events during the day become more stressful, and my anxiety levels skyrocket. You might notice, as well, that things that happen to you might become harder to deal with when you are not grounded and feeling secure.

Yoga teaches you to trust in yourself and your capabilities to handle any situation. It also helps you to minimize interactions, instead of stressing.

It reinforces gratitude and helps build confidence within you, which results in lower anxiety.

4. Stiff Muscles

I find myself needing bigger stretches in the morning and throughout the day when I have let yoga drop off the map.

As we all know, yoga increases flexibility and makes your muscles feel extensible.

Movements that were so easy to do before become strained, and you are more likely to encounter injuries.

5. Scatterbrained

Do you sometimes wonder why you can’t seem to find focus and life feels a bit more chaotic? This is usually because you haven’t taken the time to slow down, reflect, and regroup.

So take some time for yourself, and get back on the mat!


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