Signs From Spirit

Signs are everywhere!

“Spirit” can have different meanings based on life experiences. As you read this newsletter, apply the definition that suits you best such as Loved ones, Guardian angels or Divine energy.

I often find that Spirit is present with me throughout the day, especially during my client sessions. I simply serve as a conduit for Spirit’s energy to flow. This week I was blessed to have clients share some of their session experiences with me and illustrate the impact of Spirit’s presence. One client said she felt a power surge from my thumbs and then suddenly, she was filled with beautiful white light. Another client shared, “They’re all here. All of my family is here and I can feel them! I have never been able to feel them before!” Many clients may only feel warm hands. I never know what the client is experiencing unless it is shared. — I feel subtle movements and shifts of energy and/or the vibration from my hands, but I am often kept in the dark during sessions.

From Spirit, I ask for signs that I’m heading in the right direction. Once I receive a sign, I say thank you and move on. One of my first experiences receiving a sign was via a nightlight in my chiropractor’s bathroom. Almost 20 years ago, I was considering taking a class I thought I needed to be valuable in this field; I did not have the money and was fretting. As I was having these thoughts in the bathroom, the nightlight began to flicker and I took it as a sign. I asked, if I am not meant to take the class, please flicker again. It did. I did not take the class and have zero regrets.

Spirit rarely comes through with huge shiny lights. I was blessed with such an obvious sign, but they usually are very subtle so you must pay attention! Experiences like this happen to everyone, but if we are not conscious of the signs, we will never see or feel them. Some of the more obvious signs are:

finding coins (especially pennies)

hearing songs that remind you of your loved ones

electricity being manipulated in some way such as flickering lights or finding a light turned on when you’re positive you turned it off

feeling like a hair or a bug is on you when it isn’t

seeing butterflies or dragonflies

noticing the same object over and over such as yellow roses

seeing creative cloud formations

having certain smells come in out of nowhere that remind you of your loved ones

seeing a series of numbers (my friend Kim will see 912 everywhere – her loved one passed on September 12th)

I believe that we have free will, but Spirit will come through and help guide us as often as possible without interrupting our experiences too much. One of my most memorable experiences with signs was when I considering manifesting a Hyundai Sonata Hybrid instead of the BMW that I was bragging about while teaching my “Infinite Possibilities” class. I thought a BMW as the fancy car I should manifest, but it never felt right for me. After having this discussion with another class, I was inspired to go for the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid. I didn’t want to feel like I was shrinking down, so I asked for a sign. The very next morning, I saw an article headline referencing a rapper who chose to keep it simple and drive a Honda Accord; it was about LL Cool J – that was my sign! As I was driving to work that morning, a car turned right in front of me cutting me off. Since it caught me off-guard, I took notice of the vehicle and it was a Hyundai Sonata. It put a big smile on my face and thanked Spirit for another sign. As I was turning onto a busy street, a butterfly crossed my windshield; at the time in my life, the butterfly represented change. I started to think about what I would tell my “Infinite Possibilities” class now and was excited by all of the magic. I was almost to work and realized I hadn’t even turned on the radio. As I turned it on, I heard “Hey Lover” by LL Cool J and tears of happiness rolled down my face.

Please allow the process to be easy. Don’t overthink it. When I teach how to connect with Spirit, I spend the majority of the class getting you out of your head and into the possibilities of the magic that is all around you. Allow yourself to embrace the magic!

Please ask for a sign and as soon as you hear yourself ask, is that a sign? TAKE IT AS A SIGN. The more you pay attention, the more signs you will begin to receive.

Mantra: I am claiming all of the signs that I receive!


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