Signs For Girls That Your Relationship Is In Trouble…

Signs For Girls That Your Relationship Is In Trouble

It just came out of nowhere, one day your partner ups and leaves. You were devastated, crushed, and were left wondering wtf? You just didn’t see that coming, to you, things weren’t perfect, but they weren’t bad enough to end the relationship. You want to except it so that you can move on, but it’s nearly impossible to except something that you don’t understand, something that you were not ready to give up.

This has happened to even the best of us. We feel blindsided, tricked, like we were left out of the loop. Sometimes this is the case, but most times you didn’t see it coming because you weren’t looking or paying attention. Could this have been prevented? Maybe. Communication is the most important thing in a relationship and when that breaks down, you got nothing. Obviously either your partner was not effectively communicating their feelings, needs, concerns, etc. Or you just weren’t listening.

To help you out from having future surprise breakups there are a few tell-tale signs that your relationship is in trouble:

Communication, Or Lack There Of

If you notice a slack up in the amount of communication you are having or the quality of communication, then something is wrong. If he used to call every night before bed or every morning when he woke up and all of a sudden he slacks off frequency of those times-something is different. If you find yourself feeling awkward trying to make conversation when it’s always been so easy for you guys to have conversations-something is wrong.

He Wants To Do His Own Thing

When people are unhappy they begin to look to change things in their lives. A lot of times, if they are in a relationship, they automatically look to the relationship as a source of unhappiness. If you notice your partner wanting to do more things alone, or picking up new hobbies, especially spiritual ones, chances are they are searching for their happy place. Knowing this could enable you to be there for them in a way you wouldn’t be able to if you were oblivious to their changes.

He Tells You He’s Unhappy

Are you listening? Are you really listening? Is he making requests that you are taking too lightly? Most times breakups are not out of the blue, most times the other person has tried to communicate their position with us. The question is, are you really listening? Are you really paying attention? If you were, you would see his withdrawal and hear his requests, and if the relationship means a lot to you, you will be able to work it out before it gets to the point of breaking it off.


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