Significant Planetary Shifts With The Aries Full Moon On October 20th, 2021…

Significant Planetary Shifts With The Aries Full Moon On October 20th, 2021

On October 20th, 2001, the powerful Full Moon is in the Cardinal sign of Aries, which is entering our consciousness to awaken our power on a personal and collective level. Cardinal signs define the beginning of each season when the energy is increased in speed, and Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and brings an open path for a new way and clarity by purging out the old and stagnant.

The Sun is in Libra and conjunct Mars (ruler of Aries) opposing the Moon, bringing balance in the midst of a fiery month and giving us a ground for awakening our most profound nature. Mars opposite Aries is creating a tension that needs to be resolved. Mars governs our instincts and has a very strong impact on the way we express passion, creativity, and the right to being ourselves.

Agitation, anger, fearfulness, and control are the shadow side of this Full MoonTo avoid falling into the trap of these lower frequencies, take time out for yourself to connect to your source, tune into your imagination, making sure it is a positive one, and most importantly, move your body to release any internal aggressiveness or impatience through physical exercises. Focus on onward and upward. Feel the nature of your instinct and guide its fire into your projects.

Let the past be in the past.

The past has a powerful effect on us, and often we are trapped in a revolving wheel that keeps us in the loop of repeated patterns. Mars is firing up a purging effect of what is not in service of the highest good. This is a good time to release patterns that have more power over you than you can imagine. Maybe your perception is outdated or limited, and you are unaware of how much these patterns/energy parasites control you.

Trust your intuition is activated into its full power, while the inner sparkles of light are brightening up what is unconscious, creating a fresh and new experience for you.

Pluto is initiating a shift for us to use our power! Pluto is giving us a chance to own our life, our power, our voice, and it is giving us a new lease on life.

Be present.

Pay attention to how you are showing up.

Collectively we are guided by the energies of Libra and Aries – the individual and the mass – to review the quality of relationships we are establishing between us and others. How are we relating to each other? Are we respecting our diversities? Are we honoring each other’s freedom of choice?

Stay in your personal power and let others be in their personal power. Look for the good for all in all different forms.

Find the courage to experience your pulsing passion, appreciate your awakened intuition, and align to your breath and sound as instruments of inner peace at this time. Feel held in the sacred space of the Full Moon and ask what you need to know about your power, see if you use it or if you allow it to control you.

See what has been controlling you on a mental, emotional, and energetic level. Allow the unconscious to become conscious and be transformed. Allow your body to show the emotions that are stored inside and start to release them to free yourself. Get recharged and filled with love to become strong, assertive, and fight for your rights.

This is a purging time of what has been constricting and controlling you, what is stagnant, or compulsive.


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