What’s The Significance Of 108 In The East?…

What’s The Significance Of 108 In The East?

108: A Sacred Number

There are many different interpretations and thoughts as to why the number 108 is so important to many eastern cultures.

One thing’s for sure: it’s incredibly important and shows up again and again throughout texts and symbols.

So much so, it’s impossible to ignore.

In Hinduism, malas have 108 beads, Hindu Deities have 108 names, practitioners often repeat mantras 108 times, and there are 108 Gopis of Vrindavan.

In Zen Buddhism, many priests wear a 108 beaded bracelet, and they even ring a bell at the end of the year 108 times to denote 108 temptations a person must overcome to become enlightened.

In yoga, it’s not uncommon for an advanced practitioner to do 108 sun salutations once a year or during times of transition. Furthermore, in the practice of Kriya yoga (as taught by Yogananda), there is a maximum allotted 108 breaths for the meditation technique.

Energy and Chakras in the Body

In the yoga system, the body is said to have a total of 114 chakras, or energy points, that need to be balanced in order for enlightenment to occur.

Of those 114, two are outside the body (and so outside your reach), and out of the remaining 112, four of them don’t need to be thought about because they simply follow the rest of the energy flow.

This means that there are 108 subtle chakras in the body.

Of course, there are 7 which are the most important to focus on, but in total there are 108.

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Sacred Geometry and Astronomy

This sacred number also appears in some significant ways in relation to our planet and the sun.

The sun’s diameter, when multiplied by 108, is the exact distance to our planet. 

It’s also the same for the Moon. The diameter of the moon, multiplied by 108, is the distance between the Moon and the Earth. 

Diameter of the Earth = 12,742 Km Diameter of the Sun = 1,391,000 Km (109.1 times diameter of the Earth) Diameter of the Moon = 3 474.8 Km Earth-Sun Distance = 149,600,000 Km (107.6 times diameter of the Sun) Earth-Moon Distance = 384,400 Km (110.6 times diameter of the Moon)

While the numbers above aren’t exactly 108, you get the idea. That’s pretty close for the Indian civilization to figure out roughly 3,000 years ago.

Interesting, right?? What do you think? Have you heard anything about this number and why it’s significant?


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