Should I Do Yoga In The Evening? Know Expert’s Opinion…

Should I Do Yoga In The Evening? Know Expert’s Opinion

According to the science of yoga, the day is divided into four parts – Brahma Muhurta, Sunrise, Noon and Sunset. Although different times are chosen for yoga based on physical and mental needs, morning time is considered better for everyone. But you can practise yoga in the evening as well. If you do yoga in the evening instead of in the morning, then you will find that while doing the asanas, there is no such problem as in the morning. Actually, the reason for this is that we keep doing many types of activities throughout the day, which you can call a kind of warm-up. After the warm-up, whether it is yoga or any other exercise, it becomes very easy to do them and the chances of injury are also reduced. With the help of yoga, you get mental peace. By doing yoga in the evening, you get physical fitness as well as mental peace. The best part is that you get a good night’s sleep. Due to this the body gets detoxified well. By doing certain types of exercises in the evening, your body gets stretched well.

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Do this yoga in the evening:

1. Downward pose

By practising Adho Mukhasana, you do not have the problem of headache and pain in the legs. Due to this, agility remains in your body. It keeps your digestive system correct and reduces stomach problems. This gives you a good night’s sleep and can relieve fatigue. To strengthen the shoulders and hamstrings, you must practise Adho Mukha Asana.

2. Paschimottanasana

You can easily do Paschimottanasana in the evening. This brings flexibility in the bones and strengthens the abdominal muscles. Belly fat is also reduced and the digestive system remains correct. It can also help you overcome insomnia and stress. It also strengthens your back and spine. You can do this in the evening at the office or work.

3. Uttanasana

Uttanasana strengthens the immune system of our body. This asana helps to stretch the back, hips, calves and ankles properly. It helps to calm the mind and get relief from stress. This gives relief from back pain.

4. Trikonasana

Neck, back, waist and leg pain can be relieved by the practice of this asana. This yoga can be very beneficial for balancing the body. This can improve your digestive system. You can also practise this yoga to get rid of indigestion and acidity. This can remove excess belly fat and obesity. Also, sleep is good.

5. Ardha Matsyendrasana

With the help of Ardha Matsyendrasana, you can make your spine flexible. It also helps you to stretch the muscles, reduce stiffness of back pain and increase blood circulation. With this you can control your diabetes and high blood pressure problem. It can also reduce stress and anxiety.

Keep these things in mind:

There should be a difference between exercise time and meal time. It is better if you do not do yoga for at least an hour after having a meal. Due to this, problems related to digestion along with stomach pain can trouble you. Eat something at least an hour after doing yoga.

Do yoga in the morning or in the evening, it is as important to cool down yourself as it is necessary to warm up. After doing yoga for this, you can take deep breaths.

If you do yoga in the evening, then 3 to 5 o’clock is the perfect time because if you choose night time for yoga and go to sleep immediately after that then it will not benefit the body in any way. Get.

Like eating, there is also a rule to drink water. Drink water half an hour before. Drinking a lot of water immediately before or in between yoga can cause many problems. There is no harm in drinking two to three sips of water when you are very thirsty, but do not drink too much water.


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