Should I Die If I Have No Friends And A Low Self-worth?…

Should I Die If I Have No Friends And A Low Self-worth?

Human being is a social animal who loves interacting with others and demands their care and support in order to live a happy and satisfied life. Friends are an integral part of our life. If one has no friends, life feels dull and colorless with nobody to approach, and at times the feeling of loneliness, hopelessness and helplessness overwhelms one’s being so much so that it compels one to take steps to not exist anymore in this world.

Hold it! Is life so unworthy to be given up just because one has no friends?

Need to give it a second thought; won’t you?! This phase isn’t going to last forever even if you have been deprived of friends for a long time now! Having no friends and a low self esteem is not that big a problem that one has to die for it. Come, today, let’s together tackle this issue and try to find the path to get over it forever! With me? 👍


We need to know that why do I have a low self esteem? Wanting to be accepted by others, jealousy, lack of self confidence, harboring negativity towards our own self are the sources for a low self worth. Here are the ways to come out of it:-

1. First and foremost, let’s make a firm determination that, ‘come what may, I want to and I will surely come out of this phase and not surrender to these suicidal thoughts of death.’ Maintaining a strong will against the depressing thoughts will help you stay firm against them.

2. Making friends largely depends on how we are seeing ourselves. When I value my own self, only then shall others value me. It’s as simple as that. So turn “positive”. Trust your ability and respect yourself. You have an immense amount of energy within, which needs to be tapped. And it is upto you whether you direct this energy on the negative path or positive path.

So, start reading some good spiritual books and some stuff on personality development to steer your life on the path of positivity. This will encourage you in having a broader outlook in life and shall boost your self-esteem too.

3. Never allow the negativity to bog you down. Remain strong; and sincerely keep working towards your goal in life. Do not pay any heed to the negative thoughts like: “I`m such an emotional fool”, “I`m worth nothing when the whole world is much successful than me.” These just increase the suffering and self harm. Rather, concentrate on words like “I will do this”, put in your best, without aiding the negative thoughts and then see how wonderful its positive outcomes are.

4. Stare into your fears and you’ll see them dissolve. Facing the challenges that life offers is just like being a warrior wherein you are always the winner against any damn circumstance in life, provided you utilize your energy with a daring streak.

5. Last but not the least, attain Self-Realization. This is the surest way to overcome your problem as the entire world will then be your friend and you will realize the real esteem of the Self.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, the founder of Akram Vignan, the stepless path to Self-Realization, says, “As you imagine yourself to be, so you will be.” He further says, “If you find worldly life to be troublesome, then you need to understand spirituality. In spirituality, the Self has to be realized. Upon Knowing ‘who am I’, all the puzzles get solved.”

He explains this through an example, “If you enter someone’s home without his permission, would you not be uneasy and nervous? You would be afraid that someone would get upset with you and throw you out. But if you are in your own home, would you have any worries or tension? You would feel very comfortable and at peace in your home. Similarly ‘John (you may please insert your own name here)’ is not ‘Your’ home; you are a Pure Soul, the function of which is to only know and see. But with your wrong belief of ‘I am John’, you have become what you are not. You have become the owner of something that is not yours and you have been deriving pleasure and pain from it. That is why you are constantly experiencing worries, affliction and agitation.

So, at your earliest convenience, attain Self-Realization. Akram Vignan has made this very easy for us. For details, you may check out


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