Should I Completely Disregard Marriage If I want To Be Celibate?…

Should I Completely Disregard Marriage If I want To Be Celibate?

Those who desire the pleasures of worldly life and have a desire of material things, they should get married; and those who do not like worldly pleasures and are seeking eternal happiness, should not get married” – Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan

If you are decided to follow celibacy for spiritual reasons, then it is beneficial to disregard marriage and remain single, as it shall help you progress on the path of celibacy and pursue your spiritual goal too.

The impact of getting married

Marriage can present you with many new challenges which can easily sway you away from achieving your goals of celibacy. Marital life requires your commitment, a change in your lifestyle, and adapting to someone else’s way of living. At the moment, you have only yourself and your immediate family to think about; but after getting married:

● You have a spouse and the extended family (in-laws and kids) to look after.

● Your worries, tensions and stress-levels increase due to additional responsibilities on you.

● You will be constantly consumed with thoughts related to financial security for the future.

● You make compromises as you want to put the needs of your spouse and the spouse’s family above your own needs.

● Your personal goals take a back seat and the marital goals take priority.

These are only a few things which a married life entails.

Practising celibacy (brahmacharya) with the right understanding

Dada Bhagwan, the founder of Spiritual Science, served before the world the science related to brahmacharya, after he himself practiced absolute celibacy. He is free from all sexual impulses and therefore can set us free too, with the right knowledge.

Dada Bhagwan explains that there is no other bliss, like that of the Self, experienced when observing celibacy. The two types of celibacy are:

● The ultimate celibacy is when our awareness is constantly focused on the fact that, ‘l am a pure Soul.’ Herein, we remain in the awareness of our real Self i.e. the Soul, whilst the body practices celibacy.

● The other form of celibacy is when we neither indulge in nor encourage others to indulge in sexuality through the mind, speech and body. This is possible even when one has not yet acquired the knowledge of the Self.

Celibacy is a vital spiritual practice. And the essence of brahmacharya is the life-force of the body.

There is no end to bliss where one has attained Self-Realization on one side and is practicing celibacy on the other. It brings about an unbelievable change in the person.

To conclude:

It is a great gift of Nature to be wanting to practice celibacy, and that too at such a young age!

The next step now, for you, should be to acquire the knowledge of ‘who am I’ so that you can experience the everlasting bliss of the Soul and reap the benefits of celibacy simultaneously.

To know more about Self-Realization and how to attain this knowledge of ‘who am I’, please click on the link:

And to read more on the value of celibacy, as disclosed by Dada Bhagwan, you may click


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