I’m Shona Curley, And This Is My Dharma…

I’m Shona Curley, And This Is My Dharma

Shona Curley lives in San Francisco with her family. She co-owns Hasti Pilates, a studio specializing in rehabilitation and experiential anatomy. Shona is the creator of Red Kite Meditations, an online site offering meditations for people with chronic Lyme disease.

Personal or Professional Goals:

It is my goal to continue learning how to enhance my own well being through meditation, visualization and a connection to the Divine, and to share what I learn through writing and teaching. I hope to help other people with Lyme disease use the power of their minds to heal.

What’s Your Offering to the World?

Because of my background in movement, meditation, and experiential anatomy, I have a lot of experience feeling the inner layers of the body, both physical and energetic. I hope to help others access the wealth of information available through deep sensing and focused attention. I hope especially to help people suffering from Lyme disease.

Who/What Inspires You?

Pema Chodron writes the most accessible, honest and mind opening books on meditation. I keep coming back to her work again and again. Lately, I have also been reading a lot about brain plasticity, and the amazing advances in neuroscience helping us understand the power of our minds, and our ability to effect change through awareness and intention.


My mission is to stay open. To allow my life to change and change again, and eventually to let go of my body and my identity, when it is my time to die. I want to practice opening my heart more and more throughout my life, slowly releasing attachment to my own identity, and letting the divine energy of the universe itself fill my body and soul.

Favorite Quote:

“Every inhale and exhale can be a tremendous love affair” -Sadhguru

Living a Guided Life:

We have no guarantees about how long we will live, or how well we will feel while we are alive. But we are each given access to a wellspring of spiritual energy and guidance if we tune in and listen deeply. This deep listening is part of our human, healing inheritance. It tunes us to our purpose, and to the unconditional love energy that every spiritual path and religion describes.





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