Lord Shiva’s 7 Secrets Of Success…

Lord Shiva’s 7 Secrets Of Success


People go through many hardships in life. Problems related to work, weight issues, getting poor grades in exams, etc. are among the many common trials. It is, however, in our own hands as to how we pick ourselves back up and push forward. The one motivation which I have personally found remarkably helpful in achieving success are these 7 secrets.

Whether people consider Shiva a god or a divine teacher, it is undeniable that his teachings are truly sacred and filled with eternal wisdom.

Often Shiva and his consort, Parvati, engage in intimate and deep conversations. The goddess once asked him, ‘O Lord, what are the secrets to achieving success?’

He then laid out the following seven secrets.

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1) Have a firm determination towards your goals

Once you have set your goals, repeat to yourself, ‘I will be successful in my mission,’ and be determined towards it.

2) Staying unaffected by society and what they think about you

Society will say either good or bad things about you. The good things they say might fill you up with too much ego. The bad things they say might put you down. Either way, both will only lead to your downfall. It is important not to be stirred by what others think about you. Even if portions of society compliment you, stay humble and do not get over-confident about it so that you can remain focused till the end.

3) Have respect for your teachers and gurus

This includes parents, peers and the divine source you believe in. Even if the relationship with your teachers are not good, we must always have respect for them and be thankful for what they have taught us. It is because of their help and guidance that we are who we are.

4) Keep a balanced and stable mind

A great yogi and philosopher, Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji, speaks further on this saying, ‘You must not suffer from any sorts of inferiority, superiority or defeatist complex or complex of hopelessness and despair.’ Our minds should always be stable and balanced.

5) Develop self-control

People may tend to procrastinate or do things which may steer them away from reaching great heights. Satisfying your mind’s unnecessary cravings for example by watching ‘one more television program’ or eating unhealthy foods will not help. Every concrete achievement requires a certain level of self-restraint.

6) Embrace a balanced diet

It will not only keep your body and mind in an energetic and determined condition, but it will make your spirit feel energized and replenished to take on whatever challenge comes during the day.

7) There is no seventh secret

As unusual as it sounds, Shiva says that there is no seventh secret. It is totally up to you on how you want to interpret this secret. One meaning is that the above six secrets are all you need to know in order to be successful. There is no seventh or eighth one.

It is highly recommended that you paste these secrets on your bedroom wall or write it down in a book so that you can read it regularly and make it part of your daily lifestyle towards reaching success.

– Aum Namah Shivaya –


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