Shine Your Light! New Moon In Leo, On July 28th, 2022…

Shine Your Light! New Moon In Leo, On July 28th, 2022

On Thursday, July 28th, 2022, the Sun is strong in its own house in Leo, conjunct with the Moon also in Leo, to start a power cycle of creativity and evolution that requires us to shine our light and renew our sense of self.

It’s time for us to take advantage of the tenacious and willful New Moon in Leo, for the creative master of all constellations conjunctions new auspicious energies of love, courage, and positive ideas, to an inner fire to help us enter a new phase of our life.

The trine with Jupiter in Aries is amplifying and boosting the Sun-Moon conjunction.

Jupiter is future-oriented and brings the massive potential for heart and love expansion. It will inspire us to know who we are, what we want to attract, and establish new opportunities.

Aries teaches us to assert our “I Am Presence” and integrates the power of “ I Exist” to allow us to show up with our Inner Leader, full of inspiration in action.

Mercury in Leo adds some tension with its strong mind and the need to be seen, creating surprises and unexpected events.

Uranus is squaring Mercury, magnifying the union of cosmic intelligence (Uranus) and human intelligence (Mercury), coming together for us to receive a new level of vision, clarity, and understanding of what is unfolding ahead.

This lunar cycle will allow the recognition of inner patterns that respond to old situations, keeping us unaware of what is available at the moment.

Mercury opposite Saturn will download information and new perspectives that will catapult the collective out from the structure that has kept us limited. Also, Saturn in Taurus will activate us at our core level to break up the energy that has kept us stuck.

Venus in Cancer is opening the heart to reach deep inside and create space for softness and kindness and to receive from a higher sense of self-worth. As the masculine Leo energy pushes us into action, Venus reminds us that the heart must be the filter of our judgment.

Leo is a source of satisfaction and joy, and with Jupiter enhancing these qualities, we can focus on restoring and recharging as w go through a profound transformation.

This New Moon will trigger the energies of Jupiter and Chiron to help with the emotional or physical states that are being fired up at this time. The Sun will support this inner turbulence by bringing positivity, enthusiasm, and a sense of resolution.

During this New Moon in Leo, you want to plant the seed of your self-expression, as Jupiter will amplify it and set it up for the future, and Aries will teach you how to stand in your power.


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