Shimmer Of Wisdom For Chaotic Times…

Shimmer Of Wisdom For Chaotic Times

Why is it that the wise man always lives within the forest or mountains, on the fringe of society, away from the masses? It isn’t because he cannot stand the people. Rather, the people cannot stand him. When they see a true wise man, they become uncomfortable. He tends to have them look at themselves and their own shortcomings and failures. They can’t stand to truly look at themselves. Rather than learning from him, they make him an outcast, forcing him to live far away, so they don’t have to deal with themselves. He is a reflection of their potential.

This is an explanation as to why people would vote for false leaders—it’s easier to be led down a path that is more familiar and thus more comfortable. And why would anyone not choose comfort over discomfort? It’s far easier to live life with someone telling you what to do. Is this why we are moving into a socialist state?

At some point, everyone looks for someone or something to tell them what to do. The vast majority of people need to be led, but not because it’s the easiest way out, which falsely appears to be the best solution. However, this is never the best solution. People need to be led as a result of our nature; our inner need to help one another.

Everyone has their own experiences in life at different times. With that, there is always someone with more experience in something than you, as well as someone with less. The one with more is to teach you, guide you, and lead you, while with someone with less experience, you are the teacher.

We are to be led up, not down or to the side in a linear, horizontal way. Horizontal movements do not pull you up on your quest of ascension. Instead, they distract you from finding the help you really seek. We need to be led into our upliftment, not into our enslavement.

If anyone tries to bring you down, do not hold on and let go of their hand. If someone feels a certain way around you, be it upset or angry, it is their concern; not yours. If you let them upset you, you give away your own empowerment over to them. Having control of your emotions, they now have control over you. Instead, have empathy and show compassion by offering your hand. But if they refuse it, don’t be a dick by forcing the issue. Let them know the offer is always there and move forward with your head held high.

The more you allow yourself to be exactly who you design yourself to be, the more opportunities exist for others to find out who they are. Let them feel what they feel. If they feel pain or discomfort, they are growing, and will learn from their pain. Give them the tools and inspiration to look at themselves, rather than at external factors. You can guide them but you can’t learn their lessons for them. If you do, you are the only one who learns.

Make yourself available wherever you are, and never wish to be somewhere else. Add to the upliftment of the human collective subconscious; not hide in the comfort of the herd mentality. Only you can move through life’s lessons, allowing yourself to grow out of the ego-based victim mentality. The more stubborn you are, holding onto this mindset, the more intense the lessons you attract become.

Pain is mandatory and necessary. The same goes for conflict, which is one of the reasons why egalitarianism is impossible–we can never all be equal, unless we live within a socialist police state, where we will be equal in the eyes of our elitist prison guard oppressors. But even in this situation, there will always be those who are given special treatment.

Anyway, you must get hurt enough to grow angry enough to eventually stand up for yourself and say “I’ve had enough!” It causes the needed motivation to declare your retirement from the victim mentality. When you’ve finally had enough you release that victim mindset by ultimately not giving a fuck what others think, growing the self-confidence to speak your mind and become self-sufficient, taking care of yourself.

However, one must not go overboard and become an oppressor who seeks out victims who give him the sense of control he’s never experienced. Those who do this tend to relive their past experiences of feeling like they have no control. A balance must be found within. Boundaries must be set, to keep from others walking over you, as well as to keep you from walking over others.

Finding a balance between a victim and oppressor mindset isn’t the hardest part though. The hardest thing for most people is giving up their victim mentality. It’s easier to always blame others and never take responsibility for yourself. But if you decide to stay within this mindset, please do everyone else a favor and quit bitching and complaining and blaming others for your own suffering. We all know what it’s like, and how there is a part within all of us that secretly enjoys the pain.

There wouldn’t be pain in your life if a part of you didn’t enjoy it. And that is the unseen force that drives the victim mentality—the real pandemic of western civilization—another result of an undeveloped sense of self.

A societal-wide crisis creates an individual identity crisis for those not mentally prepared to handle such such rapid, dramatic changes. Therefore, to prevent a psychological breakdown such as this disintegration of the self via severe depression and/or psychosis, one must not engage in trying to use logic or reason with emotions while in a state of panic. To make this easier, activities such as meditation, or any activity that calms and relaxes one’s self and provides a sense of reward and purpose.

Create. Learn. Build. Fix. Focus on developing new habits or ridding oneself of destructive ones. Then, the breakdown transforms into a breakthrough.

“What a Caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.” —Richard Bach


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