Creating A Shift Through Gratitude…

Creating A Shift Through Gratitude

Gratitude Transforms

Gratitude creates physiological changes similar to love.

It shifts the heart rate to a healthier rhythm.

It clears stuck energy and opens communication. It can heal a broken heart and create a change in your vibration.

Your vibration is the energy imprint that you are sending out into the world.

When you are consistently maintaining a state of gratitude, your energy field opens up to take in more blessings.

Gratitude strengthens your overall positive attitude, which causes a rewiring in the brain’s neurochemistry- increasing your overall feeling of happiness.

As a result, you will notice even more positivity around you.

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Your Natural State

Gratitude programs your consciousness to create more of what you see in your daily experience.

If you are noticing more positivity and more blessings, even more positivity and blessings will enter your life.

In this positive state you are more closely aligned with the universal vibration.

By staying at the vibrational level of gratitude, you’re flowing with the natural vibration of the universe.

Once you are able to maintain this state you have become a skilled creator of your reality.

By maintaining a state of gratitude, you can more easily manifest your desires into reality.

In this state you are more receptive to healing on multiple levels and to receiving miracles in your life.

By shifting to and maintaining a state of gratitude, life becomes better, more manageable and more fun.

When a shift is created through practicing gratitude, the shift occurs first on an energetic or vibrational level.

You may not notice the change, but be patient.

Once your energy field experiences a shift, it then informs the physical body.

You will notice changes subtly creep into your physical world, creating more profound and visible changes over time.

Give Thanks

Creating a shift through gratitude requires awareness and a conscious commitment.

The first step is to be aware of your focus.

Make a conscious decision to shift your focus to the positive.

Consider ways you can be grateful for the good things and the challenges that cross your path throughout the day.

By giving thanks for the little things and the big things throughout the day, you will notice your overall perspective begin to change.

You will start to see life through the lens of gratitude, giving you a much more vibrant, joyous picture.

Begin each day, before you even get out of bed, by giving thanks for the day.

Give thanks mentally and verbally.

Make the act of being grateful and giving thanks part of your actions throughout the day.

Commit to selecting three things you are grateful for before going to sleep each night.

Think of unique specific things that you experienced, lessons that you learned or blessings you received.

Select different things each day to strengthen your gratitude habit.

This will help develop your ability to find things to be thankful for, even when times are difficult.

Choose a Supportive Environment

Surround yourself with positive people.

Join with a few friends who also want to make a shift in their lives.

Commit to connect with each other daily for twenty-one days. Every day, share three things you are grateful for.

Hold each other accountable. It takes twenty-one consecutive days to start a new habit.

Be consistent.

Allow your gratitude support group to help you create positive shifts in your life.

At the end of the twenty-one days, come together and review the progress.

Share what has shifted in each person’s life.

Give and receive feedback about the positive changes you have noticed in each other.

We all have difficult times and fall out of the universal flow.

Gratitude will become one of the go-to tools in your toolbox to help you manage those tough times.

Practicing gratitude when you are experiencing struggle will recalibrate your vibration, shifting you back into positivity.

Now that you have made gratitude a habit you will not want to let it go.

Practice it consistently and consciously, and gratitude will become a natural state of being for you.

At any time, with the practice of gratitude, you can create a shift in yourself and in the environment around you.

Armed with this knowledge, the journey of life becomes much more manageable and joyous.

Be thankful and be happy.


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