She Makes Me Feel So Vulnerable…

She Makes Me Feel So Vulnerable

Why do we always have to mess with Joy?! Why can’t we allow ourselves to embrace Joy all day? Every day?!

She shows up, we have fun, smile authentically, and abundantly share her for everyone to take in. We are singing and dancing with Joy!

And then… It gets weird. We suddenly get uncomfortable.

WHAT IF SOMEONE TAKES JOY FROM US? There is no way that we can allow that to happen. We better do something. We have to know what to expect, so we are safe.

Let’s invite in Fear! No one wants to hang out for long with Fear!

Let’s have pity parties.

Let’s create stories in our head that make us anxious.

Our thoughts go into lack…….and our experiences follow.

Yes, we need the negative to appreciate the positive, but what if we intentionally allowed Joy to hang out daily – and for more extended periods of time?

What if we began our morning consciously inviting her to hang out for the ENTIRE day?! Can you imagine how our every day would feel?

Me: Joy, ya want to hang out for the entire day?!

Joy: Of course, but who are you fooling? The last time we tried that you lasted 3 hours and 2 minutes.

Me: Well, I started to feel guilty. My friend was having a bad day and she made me think about my own “poor me” moments.

Joy: And?! Why do you have to do that? Why do you sabotage yourself? What does it matter what others are experiencing?

Me: I don’t know, I guess it allows me to relate.

Joy: Relate?! Seriously? We both know that you can experience empathy and then come back to me. I am only a thought away! You preach that all the time. The truth is, I make you feel vulnerable. Being joy-filled makes you feel as if something terrible has to happen, so you create an experience to match that fear, which robs you of my magic.


Joy: Something “bad” doesn’t always have to happen. Allow yourself to see moments as experiences. You do not have to create the “bad.” I challenge you to bathe in the fun and allow your experiences to flow. Allow yourself to authentically be with me for longer periods each day and be conscious of when you begin to feel unsafe.

Me: Maybe every time I catch myself creating drama stories I can just say, “Not today! – Joy is my one and only for this day!” That could at least allow me to be conscious of the negative default setting I created and allow us to hang out for more extended periods of time. Thank you, Joy. I am consciously making an effort to feel safe with you!

Joy: ‘Bout damn time. Let’s do this!

Mantra: “I consciously allow joy to flow.”

This month’s newsletter was inspired by Gay Hendrick’s book, “The Big Leap.” (Thank you for the suggestion, Jennifer S.) and Brene Brown’s new book, “Dare to Lead.”

I learned the power of journal dialog by my friend and a fellow “Embrace” retreat instructor Cyndi Stewart.

I highly recommend all three.

No holiday drama.

Let’s hang with JOY – all damn month!  


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