She God


She God

The one who runs in the mist

She God

The one whose soles have been kissed

By the Grace of Nature

She God

Who’s died from this world


And again

Yet born anew

Each time

She God

The Delicate

The Soft

And the Innocent

Freedom loves to stroke her face

Caress her hair

She is

The Embracing

The Wise

And the Wild

She God

Love itself is the blood in her veins

The sphere of her aura

The fire in her heart

Her breath is felt on the waves of the ocean

Her soul, the starlit heaven

She God

The one who sees so well

All the beauty

All the bliss

And all that bounty!

The steady pulse

of her body

Is the rhythmic flow,

..the overflow

of the abundance of Life itself!

Yes, She God!

The one

Who runs in the mist

The one whose soul

Is being kissed

By the sweet Divine


Words by ༄Sóley Soulbird

Photo by Artem Kovalev on Unsplash


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༄Helga Sóley


Hello sunrays! ♡ I’m Sóley from Iceland. My passion for writing and sharing inspirational words comes from an inner spark…

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