Shashankasana Calms The Body And Mind…

Shashankasana Calms The Body And Mind

There is tension, there is stomach disorder, there is muscle problem, there is excessive anger, etc. If you have any such problem then obviously you will knock on the door of the doctor. But if you take the hand of Shashankasana, then you will not have to wander at the door of doctors. Yes! Shashankasana is the only medicine for many mergers. The literal meaning of Shashank is Rabbit. Since we become like a rabbit while doing this asana, it is called Shashankasana. There are innumerable benefits of this asana. But while doing this asana, we should take special care of the speed of our breath, otherwise instead of good results, bad results can come.

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How to do Shashankasana

Sit down on a carpet or mat. Keep both the legs bent backwards ie under the buttocks (hips) and sit on the heels, now while breathing, raise both the hands upwards. After this, while exhaling, slowly bend forward and rest the palms on the floor, keeping your head on the floor. After coming to this position of the asana, hold the breath for some time. Then while inhaling, bringing flexibility in the body, first lift the stomach, then the chest, then lift the head and keep the head and hands in the front. Stay in this position for some time. Rest straight for some time, do this action 4 to 5 times.

Its advantages

You must have understood that Shashankasana affects both our body and mind. Since it keeps away from stress, the effect is also visible in physical disorders. Stress is the root of all disease. There is often a possibility of stomach upset due to stress. This is also the reason for having gas, loss of appetite etc. In such a situation, Shashankasan can prove to be a boon for us. Since there is pressure on the lower part of our stomach due to Shashankasana, the complaint of constipation ends by doing this. Not only this, excess body fat can also be reduced due to Shashankasana.

Shashankasana regulates the secretion from the adrenal gland. Brings relaxation in the body. You will be surprised to know that this asana also pacifies anger. Therefore, those who are of short temper, i.e. angry nature, they must do this. Because of this, they may be able to control their anger. According to experts, regular Shashankasana removes heart diseases, lungs, intestines, liver, and pancreas are also clean. With the help of this asana, the nerves, pulse become flexible and work well. Not only this, this asana also helps in getting rid of sexual disorders.


The beginning of this asana is very similar to Vajrasana. Therefore, before doing Shashankasana, practice Vajrasana. If you are not able to sit in Vajrasana, then doing Shashankasana can be difficult for you. Take care of the position of your feet. If in this posture you are facing difficulty in bending the waist or there is a problem of stretching, then avoid doing it. Not only this, if you feel pain while doing asanas in any way, then directly seek the advice of yoga experts. Keep in mind that doing any type of yoga on your own can be harmful.

However, if you have any disease related to vertigo, slip disc or high blood pressure, then do not do Shashankasana. People suffering from knee diseases should also avoid doing this asana. Also patients of sciatica, spondylitis and acute back pain should not practice it.


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