Sharing Your Soul’s Truth…

Sharing Your Soul’s Truth

Do you freely express your thoughts and ideas with others? Have you stepped into your power as a sovereign being?

We were born to share and live our message with others. When we share our soul’s truth with others, we reconnect to who we are and we reconnect to our soul’s purpose.

Your soul was born to evolve, learn and grow and part of this development is sharing your truth with others, so that it serves as an encourage for others to step into their own truth. My soul’s truth is that it is okay to truly love and accept yourself as you are, because when you do this, you align with your higher self and attract the life that is destined for you.

Tips for sharing your soul’s truth

1. Become comfortable with owning your message

Sharing your truth can be uncomfortable, when you are not used to expressing yourself freely. Unblock your throat chakra by slowing sharing your message with people you connect to. You will find that people will be disarmed and attracted to you, for living your truth.

2. Live your message

When you embody your truth you begin to live in alignment with your soul’s purpose. We must learn to move through life with an inner knowing that it is safe to be ourselves and shares our truths with others on the journey. When you live your message you act in congruence with your core values and beliefs, thus acting in true integrity.

3. Open yourself up to divine guidance

Spirit, the Universe or God, will guide your path as you open up and share your truth. By listening to the small whispers of your soul, you will be guided to people and places that enrich your life and bring you joy. Divine guidance comes to us when we are ready to receive and attract what we are.

Be unafraid as you journey through life. Trust your inner knowing and believe that your higher self knows what is best for you. Sharing your soul’s truth is liberating and empowering. Start owning your message and owning your life.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.


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Harna Chandra

Harna Chandra is a Mindset and Dharma Embodiment Coach. A former lawyer and teacher, she works with high-performing women, who…

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