Set Your Intentions And Watch Them Come True…

Set Your Intentions And Watch Them Come True

It is the end of the year and a lot of us are completing an end of life review; planning how the next years of our lives will unfold. Intentions and not resolutions will get you to the unfolding, you are planning.

For the past few years have written a letter to my future self. Last year as part of a fellowship, I was asked to write a three-year letter to myself. The exercise was scary, exciting and energizing. It required me to think bigger than I ever had. The instructions for the letter exercise was specific. It asked me to call out every future element of my life from salary to philanthropy. It asked that I define the people and resources I needed to realize the intentions I was setting.

I followed every instruction. I wrote the three-year letter, put it my laptop bag and carried on with my life. This year I attended the letter session again. The group I worked with was this year was intimidated by the exercise. Seeing their intimidation encouraged me to share my experience with the letter.

Here’s my experience. Everything I wrote down came to past or is currently in process. In my 2017 letter I wrote about launching a new capacity building program for diverse and women entrepreneurs, Propel STL. The application for the program I committed to in 2017,  opened December 3, 2018. None of this happened without me doing the work I committed to in the letter.

Success is not happenstance. Success happens when we do the work.

How to set intentions?

Intention setting is simple. Be are clear. Be honest. Where there is less clarity, ask for clarity. Be responsible. It is important that you understand your role and responsibility. Do the work.

Intentions are not a wish list. They are a to do list. You must commit to the work necessary to achieve the results you want. The letter works if you do.

When I wrote my letter in 2017, I knew I needed to learn more about the audience I wanted to work with. I had to be honest about what I already knew and how I would learn what I did not know. I had to stretch myself to connect with people. I am an introvert, so this was a task.

I had to connect with the resources and the people, I had listed in my letter. I had to push myself to be in places that made me uncomfortable. I had to have difficult conversations, over and again. Doing this created a pool of advocates and sponsors who would insert my name and the work I was doing into conversations and rooms that I was not yet privy to.

Even from my laptop bag tucked securely between my closet and chest of drawers the letter kept me honest. It was a constant reminder of my commitment; A friendly reminder because, I wanted everything I wrote in that letter.

Set your intentions. Be clear. Be honest. Ask. Commit. Work. Realize.


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