Serena Jade Talks Ascension On The Spiritual Path Toward Union With Your Twin Flame…

Serena Jade Talks Ascension On The Spiritual Path Toward Union With Your Twin Flame

What is the ascension?

“It represents the point in the soul’s evolution when it attains immortality. Through the ascension, the soul merges with the I AM Presence and returns to the Father-Mother God, free from the rounds of karma and reincarnation. This process of returning to the source is recognized throughout the world’s major religions, although the terminology used to describe it may differ.”-Elizabeth Clare Prophet-

Elizabeth Clare Prophet if you don’t know was a New Age spiritual leader. She and her husband started the church of the Summit Lighthouse. At first, they belonged to the Great White Brotherhood, a New Age religious organization. Then broke away and started their own organization. She and her husband wrote a large volume book on Soul Mates and Twin Flames on the spiritual dimension of relationships. Elizabeth Clare Prophet wrote a much smaller sized book on the subject.

The Great and Universal White Brotherhood based much of their wisdom on the esoteric wisdom of all the major religions, as well as the Summit Lighthouse.

The esoteric part of all the major religions are a much different concept to their mainstream counterpart. This is much due to the deep understanding of the soul. Mainstream religion focuses on our ego in relation to society, and worships a God outside of us. While their esoteric counterparts get in touch with the soul inside of us, whom is deeply connected to a God that transcends the mainstream God.

Back to ascension: All of the esoteric wisdom talk of uniting our limited ego and spiritual soul-this is where our human nature merges with our spiritual soul, which is absolutely connected to the Beloved force outside of us. This is ascension. The ascended masters as well have reached this level. Elizabeth Clare Prophet uses her own words for this process, but it is based on the esoteric wisdom of religion.

Ascension is done on our own with the help of our true soul mates, who wake us up to our spiritual soul. When we reunite with our twin flame, we ascend even further.

This is ascension. Are you ready to do the work that is involved?



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