Sep 9: NEW MOON – Love And Trust – Purva Phalguni (Vedic Astrology)…

Sep 9: NEW MOON – Love And Trust – Purva Phalguni (Vedic Astrology)

Can you trust your heart?  The new moon of Sept 9 (11:01 am PT) has got your true love’s number.  Whether it be through relationship, expressive arts, or just a finer appreciation of beauty and love in your life, this lunar cycle offers an exciting new chapter of heart opening expansion.

The new moon will be in the area of the sky called Purva Phalguni, which is symbolized by a ripe fruit or a wedding bed.  Found in fiery Leo the Lion’s tail, this star is burning with creative passion and drive.  Now is the time to focus on how to enjoy life more fully and bring what you desire into the world.

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Since Sept 1, romantic Venus, has joined expansive Jupiter in her Zodiac sign of empowerment – Libra – ushering in possible new love and healing through expressive arts and music. How can you bring more harmony and beauty into your world? If you are single this is a wonderful time to expand your social circle and meet new people.  If you are in a relationship, this time could deepen commitment and renew passion.

Since Sept 6, the heavy weight of retrograde Saturn has slowed to a halt and is now slowly moving forward again. All or nothing situations may be pressing for action.  Saturn’s change in direction can test maturity and integrity and it may not be possible to procrastinate on some decisions any longer.  Use this sobering energy to make the needed changes that will benefit your future.

The new moon also gives rise to a planetary configuration called Kala Sarpa Yoga – the fateful Serpent of Time.   On a global scale, scandals and secret crimes will continue to rock the boat, as Rahu, the karmic shadow serpent, rises first each day until Sept 20.

Purva Phalguni New Moon is ruled by a solar deity called Bhaga, the bestower of bliss and abundance. Like blind-folded cupid, Bhaga is also said to be blind.  At times, love demands trust and surrender that seems to blindly lead into uncertain and strange territory. But it is through withholding of judgment and preconception that Bhaga’s gifts often fully express and flow forward. How will you open your heart and free fall into the future?How this new moon affects you personally depends on your Vedic birth chart. To find out more book a reading with Kari.


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    Kari Field (Anandashree) is a Vedic Astrologer and spiritual advisor, as well as a musician and Yoga/Pilates instructor. Her private…

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