Selfish Looks Good On You! What Radical Self-Care Means For The Next Level Human…

Selfish Looks Good On You! What Radical Self-Care Means For The Next Level Human

A channeled message from the Heart Center of the Heart Center of the Universe


Aloha and good morning beloveds

We are here, we want to talk to you today about radical selfishness

And oh we can already hear the protests

We can already hear the murmurings

We can hear the guilt

We can hear the “but what if…? And the…but whys?”

We hear the, “But what if we were all selfish?

How would anything ever get done for anyone?”

And we would say to you

Everything would get done for everyone

Because first and foremost

You would be in alignment with your most divine presence

And the world would simply come alive at your feet

And your need for anyone to do anything for you

Would become nearly non-existent

And your capacity to do anything for everyone else

Would become momentous

And we’ll get a little more into the nitty gritty

Into the fears

Of a selfish world

You realize, even the idea of selfishness

Comes from the concept of limitation

It comes from the concept of shared resources

Oh, we hear the protests already

It is really actually (laughs) not possible

For a group of people, for one person, for a group, for country, for a planet

Full of healthy aligned people

To consume beyond what is available

Because they will by nature generate

All and more than is needed

The challenge is

The people who hungrily devour out of fear

And limitation

Because for them the world IS finite

And for all those who buy into it

For all of those who are kept in a finite capacity

There is no chance of generating

All that is needed for infinite abundance for all

But this is all changing

This is all changing because many of you

Many of you are awakened to your capacity for infinite abundance

And many have already experienced what it feels like to be in this flow

And to know,

To know the complete saturation of love and wholeness

That comes from this experience

And yet you are still here within this human body

And, see, you are a generator

And this is the part,

these are the parts that are just waking up so powerfully

Imbued within you already

Active within you already

Is the ability to generate all and more than you need

And so now that this is in motion

Your experience of how you handle your lives is changing

So this word, selfishness, is an archaic expression

From an older version of humanity

That’s Humanity 3.0

We’re on Humanity X

It is not at all unlike what’s happened in your computer programming

What once took an entire room, or building, to fill

And had such tiny capacity

Now fits in the tiniest, tiniest phone, or chip

And the capacity was always there

It just hadn’t been activated

But you are a human being

And you are imbued with life force in a different way

And so your capacity is literally fathomless

As fathomless as source’s

So let us go back to the question of selfishness

When are we advocating radical selfishness

And what we’re going to call it…

We’re going to go beyond radical self-care

We want to call it

“Complete Unification”

This is your capacity

As your experience

As an organism on this planet

In this grand design

To recognize all that is yours

To heal all that is yours

To supplement and energize all that is yours

So that you are running in such flawless condition

That you become literally the next version of yourself

And the next version of yourself

Which has the capacity to deal with old wounds and hurts

In a way you could not have imagined

So this is exactly what to do

When you are wounded

When you are triggered

When you are wounded by a lover

When you are wounded by a friend

When you are wounded by a parent, by a child

By a work situation

We officially hereby give you permission

For your complete unification

We give you permission to operate in service

To you

To your divinity

To your body

To your heart

To your development

And so what this may look like

Is closing off from whomever or whatever

Has affected you

Now we understand there are situations

Where this can’t be done in an expansive way

If you are, for instance, a world leader

If you are, for instance, the head of a company

If someone has launched a war upon you

Then you may not have all the time you would feel you want

To complete this process

Although we would say

That as you get more accomplished at it

It can be done instantaneously

But in most other situations

You have the opportunity

To literally seal up your pod (laughs), as it were

To step fully into your own channel

And as we spoke before about activating

This channel within your body

This breathing tube connected to source

Once you step into that channel

It is alright if everything falls away

And we would actually invite you–

And this will be radical–

To not hold on so closely to your connections

At this time

To be willing to let go

And to understand

The abundance of what you are creating

That that old paradigm

Of some sort of accomplishment

For having relationships of any kind that last

Over a period of time

This is no longer a measurement

This is no longer a measurement of success

This fear that you might be alone

In your older age

Without friends, without love

This is no longer the same kind of fear

That you won’t have anyone to take care of you

That you won’t have anyone to take care of

Because you are stepping into a world

You are creating a world

Of instantaneous connection

And the kind of security that you are able to now seek is different

It is a security based on connections between beings

Who are committed to growth, and opening and expansion

Who are committed to bringing fully forth their capacity

Who are committed to creating all that is possible to be created

And of course there will be pitfalls

And mistakes

And falling down

And mis-speaking

And mis-acting

This is all to be expected

But you will be attracting and creating and forging relationships

Upon new kinds of agreements

And so do not fear letting go

Of any that are not working

In these new capacities

Because once you’ve turned this corner

There is no going back

And we invite you to embrace that

To feel the love

To feel the incredible support

Of the depth of creation within you when you do this

So when we speak about extreme selfishness

We want you to put this connection first

And this may take many forms

You will recognize it first

As what’s called these days radical self-love

And so this is the simplest action

The awareness that you require self-care

And we invite you to take

All of the compassion that you may have for others

And to know that compassion is safe

But to turn that compassion upon yourself

We invite you to cherish your own mis-speaks

We invite you to cherish your vulnerabilities

We invite you to cherish your wronging of others

And their wronging from your perspective

We invite you to invoke profound compassion

And to focus it for now completely on yourself

And your being

And your journey

And your spirit

And your evolution

We invite you, for now

To not see their point of view

Because once you are fully embodied

Once you are fully in flow

You will see them, we promise you

With a greater compassion

And more capacity

Than you could have ever imagined

So let it go for now

And turn this entirely upon yourself

And allow yourself complete space from this experience

Allow yourself reflection upon this experience

From your point of view

Trust in yourself that you will have the wisdom

To see the bigger picture

Once you are fully connected

Now this will not be popular

And if there are those you can trust

Who will meet you at this place

Who will meet you at this airing out moment

With whom you can lay your heart upon the table

And will hold it with you

Without asking you to come outside

Will simply hold and cherish

Like they would a newborn baby who cries

Without judgment,

Or expecting that baby to understand the rest of the picture

If you have one of those

And you will and you shall

As you learn this technique

Because you will be able to do it for others

And you will be able to do this with each other

If you have that person, or people

Feel free, to lay your heart upon the table

To lay your wounds upon the table

And let them be blessed and loved and healed

And if you do not

Then work within your own meditation

Work within your own space

To lovingly reflect upon your experience

Allow your connection to spirit

To rain down the golden light of love and creation

To levitate with the luminosity of creation

To vibrate in between the spaces

Where the matter has accumulated and solidified

To let it gently and lovingly vibrate out

It’s almost like a tartar in your teeth

Or plaque in your blood cells

And this is like an ultrasonic toothbrush or device

That literally lovingly gently vibrates it out

So that it can move through, and flush through

And for this we invite you to take

All the time you need

And to have complete trust

That if this relationship is gone

When you emerge

Whether it is work

Whether it is friendship

Whether it is lovers

Whether it is family

If it is truly gone when you emerge

Then you have completed the process

And here’s, perhaps, the hidden bonus

You now have the capacity to create

An entirely new relationship

With this formerly treasured person

Based on your unified consciousness

And so never ever ever will you repeat

What has been done before

And so these levels of self-care are multi-fold

With the very first as the recognition

That you are a being utterly deserving of complete compassion

That you get to circle your wagons for whatever period of time it takes

That you get to share with yourself, your highest self

Your divinity, and perhaps,

Some other divine beings who choose to be there with you

To accelerate and amplify your growth

Because you now have the tools to keep expanding

Into Human…Next Level,

Next Level,

Next Level,

Ultimate Level

And that you get to discover the depths of self-care

The depths of recognition

Of what your profound human body can show you

Exploring within it

And accepting what it shows you

Without having to completely



Storify (we made up that word)

Trust that what you receive

As the pictures come

As the images come

As the sense memories come

Trust that what you are receiving is complete

And bathe it bathe it bathe it in this love

Now we’re not going to ask you to then shove it down

This may not be a one and done deal

Because where you have it one place, you will have it others

But in your continuous practice of this experience

You will indeed absolutely shift the fulcrum of all your relationships

So we invite you into the process of total unification

So that you can be the radiant, vibrant, expansive, creative–

–and when we say creative, we want you to understand

That you will always be creating not just for you–

By nature of being in complete connection

You are creating for all

Because your gifts are unique

What you’re offering is ascension

And your assignment here is to create at your full capacity

And there will be bounty for all

Each of you imagine, living in a world of bountiful gifts from all

And when somebody circles you out

When you feel them retract

And this can be very painful

We invite you to recognize that you know what’s happening

And to bring that process back to yourself

You don’t have to be above blame

You don’t have to be above feeling

You don’t have to be above judgment

Because none of that is real

You can bring all of that with you

Into your own process

Into your own central light

Into your own compassion

And have compassion for yourself

For the depths of what you are feeling

For the righteousness of what you are feeling right now

And this will—not obliterate—but will over time

Soften the effect of these triggers

The worst thing you can do is to deny anything to yourself

But we also want you to see the difference between—

You see if you keep yourself hovering in judgment

That’s what gets you stuck

But if you give yourself full liberty for this experience

At least within your own consciousness

This is where real, real transmutation can happen

Oh how divine to be in a human body!

How gracious is your gift.

We love you so, you magnificent beings

And we come to you

From the Heart Center

Of the Heart Center

Of the Universe


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