Self~Empowerment: Today’s Positive Statement- 04//02//2020…

Self~Empowerment: Today’s Positive Statement- 04//02//2020

Today’s self-empowering statement to positively affect yourself:


“I am graciously allowing things to instantly happen for my greater benefit for the betterment of my future! I am graciously open to receiving the assistance I need to continue moving forward, the resources I need to progress, and the lessons I need to learn to succeed! I am patient with gratitude and persistent with optimism for everything working out according to God’s plans! I am empowering through as usual from this day to the next from this moment to the next…”

to continue a greater life! ❣💯 💪

😍💭 🗣👥 Embrace and empower your authentic self 😌🙏 with positive supporting beliefs 😇🙏, a positive mental attitude 😁👌, positive affecting behaviors 👏🙃 & positive self~talk statements. 😎🗯 🗣🗝 Continue your journey inspired, aspired & motivated to enjoy!🚶♀️🚶♂️Allow yourself to naturally flow with faith. Positively believe in awesome things happening for you, with you & to you. 🤪🤜🤛😎 You’re stronger than you know & you’re meant to enjoy a blissful life! 😇🙏🏼 Embrace your blessings, talents, skills & passion… do what you love! 💯🏹 🎯 You exist with the inherent right to succeed! 💫✍ Do all the things that bring forth bliss, enthusiasm & joy! 👸🤴 Envision the results & outcomes you desire to realize. 🙂 Confidently take determined action with an attitude of gratitude to create & manifest your desired conclusions. Be with good vibes & allow the positive energy to flow freely from you 🧘♀️🧘♂️🤩 Have faith in your awesomeness & enjoy the present gifted moments. 〰️ Continue empowering through with positivity for a greater future. 💯💯

🥂🍾CHEERS~🍻 to all the good stuff and good people we’re able to enjoy 😉

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