A Practical Introduction To Self-Discovery Using Astrology…

A Practical Introduction To Self-Discovery Using Astrology


Astrological studies have been a human pastime for centuries, known to be originally founded by the Babylonians, although, it is good to note that no two people will give you the EXACT same rendition of the history of astrology. As it is with information that has been lovingly in our existence for very long periods of time, there will be some blurry parts in the history. We hear a lot about astrology originating in many different places, but the lineages that have impacted us as we see astrology today are linked to the Babylonians, arising in the 2nd millennium BC. Although typically it is used for more of the mundane, looking for predictions of the weather and political matters. 

Fast forward to today where your “daily horoscope” is hosted by thousands of different sources.

What I want to bring up to you, if you are interested in this material is to be very specific. You are a totally unique individual, so your alignment of the stars and planets at your time of birth, their houses and degrees are all your own, and most likely, no one has the exact pattern as you do. To check a daily horoscope can be fun, but they are extremely vague.

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Transcending Personality Traits

Personally, I enjoy the study of astrology so that I may learn about my tendencies, so that I can transcend the ones that don’t serve my lifestyle, and amplify those qualities which I may unintentionally hide. For example, I am a Virgo sun which, at times has allowed me to be too humble and reserved. But, I am an Aries rising, which allows me the fir, will, and “flash” that I may not have found in just resting on my earthly sun sign. The discovery of these things also allowed me some “ah-ha” moments when doing my self study and self work. Knowing other people’s signs and charts, such as that of a spouse or child, is also helpful because the tendencies they may not see (but obviously you do) can be explained, and maybe you can have more compassion and understanding for them. 

Learn The Jargon

Now all the astrology jargon can at times really be an overload if you don’t have all day to look up the stars and planets, cast spells, and meditate into other dimensions. Start with the basics, learn your sun sign, moon sign, rising sign, and midheaven.

The website I use to look up natals charts is www.astrotheme.com. It also shows the current placement of all the planets on the left hand side of the website. All you need is your birth time, date, and location!

Your sun sign is your basic personality traits, your rising sign does affect this, but it is mostly known to be the sign that you present yourself as; your moon sign has to do with your emotional landscape, and midheaven is the career or lifestyle your chart has set out for you to see.

Make Observations

Knowing this information first, you can start to observe your behaviors in these fields, those with people who are very close to you, those who are not, your emotional behaviors and habits, and your work life. Once these four have been mastered, start looking at your “houses” and what’s going on in them! You can find house explanations online pretty easily. 

Also on this website, you can discover your personal horoscope which is MUCH more informative than a daily horoscope meant for hundreds and thousands of other people. It talks about your current transits in the sky and some feelings you might be having. 

Remember to use these tools for only good, and try not to obsess, you are the curator of your life!


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