Self-Care & Quarantine

March 2020. March 2020 might have been the last time you’ve taken a really deep breathe. The last time you didn’t have to ask what time it is or what day it was. Everyone went to bed one night with the buzz of a possible pandemic spreading, and we woke up to that and something entirely different. In a blink of an eye – there was a shift. A shift in the world, a shift in views, a shift in seasons, and most importantly – a shift in mental health. The amount of change was unnerving to most people. Individuals who were trained in specific occupations now needed to adapt. Individuals were stuck at home with abusers. Teachers became parents and parents became teachers. Individuals who were not in a higher socioeconomic bracket became pinned in the dynamic of “a parent or an employer.” People lost loved ones, people lost jobs, homes, and they lost their way in life. Can you imagine only being able to function in a highly routine supported environment to overnight having to adapt to a routine-less, isolated environment? The spike of mental health issues skyrocketed; the trauma others will have to process later on. Astronomical. So, when you feel like you’re at the end of your rope, here are somethings to remember:

• Just because you have free time does not mean you need to become the BEST at something.

• Free time is allowed to be just that, free. You don’t need to prove to others you’re busy.

• If you can, and it is safe to go outside – go outside. The sun will do wonders.

• Go for a drive, take a walk, or a bike ride. (If others will be around wear a mask).

• Try to keep a balanced diet, uber eats is great but two weeks in your mood won’t be.

• ASK FOR SUPPORT. Just because you’re quarantined to your house doesn’t mean you can’t reach out. Have virtual Happy Hours with friends. Call a loved one.

• If you are struggling mentally – please reach out. The national suicide hotline is 1-800-273-8255.

• Remind yourself that if you are tired, take a break. A burnout in quarantine? Who has the time?

• A lot of time spent alone can mean a lot of self-reflection – start journaling, meditating, or practicing mindfulness.

• Self-care whether that is eating ice cream for dinner or a face mask – if you’re wearing thin you need to help yourself.


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