Self Care In Uncertain Times…

Self Care In Uncertain Times

Self care is now more important than ever. With these uncertain times and the stress of the unknown, we forget how important it is to maintain a good practice of self care and taking care of our mental health.

Maybe you are braving work every day as a key worker or you are working and isolating from your home, we are all in this together and there is great beauty in knowing that you are not alone and this will pass.

Allowing yourself to be present in this moment, whether it’s mindfully eating, really tasting the food and eating without distraction. Or maybe it’s taking a simple walk without your phone and really becoming aware of the sounds of nature and your surroundings.

Little things matter and these simple acts of mindfulness and awareness make a big difference in overall wellness.

Be kind to yourself and appreciate the world we are living in at the moment. The beauty of a slow paced life and the connections to your loved ones.


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