Self-Care In The Era of Covid-19…

Self-Care In The Era of Covid-19

What a time to be alive! In the midst of the fear and despair gripping the world during this global pandemic, I have found myself jumping into action as if I was born for a time like this.

I keep saying I feel activated, mobilized and engaged like never before. In case you are thinking I must work in healthcare, well not exactly. I do come from a social work background and worked in healthcare for a couple of years but that hasn’t been the case for 17 years.

I do work in spiritual healthcare and as I saw this pandemic begin to unfold from my vantage point, I knew I had to step forward and lead. So I created an online conference, got interviewed on podcasts and got invitations to speak at conferences. I set things in motion and I keep saying Yes to opportunities that come to me.

Some people would say how lucky you are. And yes I do feel blessed. If I’m honest with myself I can also acknowledge it does come with its own set of challenges. That of saying Yes and participating in everything can lead to burn out…

I was thinking of the many times I’ve traveled on an airplane and heard the flight attendant say: “Put on your oxygen mask first”.

What does it really mean to put on your oxygen mask first?

If you don’t do it you wont be able to ‘be there’ for others when they need you. To be able to help others we have to take care of ourselves physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally.

Tips to start practicing self-care:

1. Make a note in your planner to have some “Me Time” this week. Today was my Me Time Monday.

2. Prepare your family in advance that you will not be available to support them. Turn off your cell phone. Put a Do Not Disturb sign on your door. Whatever it takes.

3. What’s something you enjoy doing or don’t allow yourself to do much but know you need right now? Maybe it’s taking a nap. I was feeling sleep deprived after a very hectic weekend so I slept for an hour and a half.

Your thing could be giving yourself a bubble bath or foot soak. It could mean settling down in your favorite chair with a book, feet up and sipping on some tea. The ideas are endless and as unique as you.

4. Do something exclusively for yourself this week. Notice how you feel after your self-care experience.

Schedule a “Me Time” date with yourself every week for the next three months.

Photo Credit: Ava Sol by Unsplash


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