6 Ways To Create Self Awareness With Journaling…

6 Ways To Create Self Awareness With Journaling

Self-Awareness is Salvation

The concept of journaling is a foreign practice to most, or perhaps considered a waste of time, energy, and paper.

Yet, in some areas, it is a vital part of passage. In a world of excess information, news media, and gossip, we are bombarded with vast amounts of data that we must not only absorb but comprehend and processes at increasing speeds.

Where is the time to digest and fully acknowledge?

The basic, central concept of journal writing is uncomplicated and divine in its very essence. It is a thought process allowed to be documented on a daily basis, and it not only allows for much-desired time for your thought processes to blossom and expand, but also allows for a better understanding to be reached.

It is a time of reflection, refined perception, and acknowledgment. For those who participate in this daily function, it is often viewed as an imperative tool and investment to daily life.

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Outlining a Place to Remember and Immortalize Your Thoughts

Utilizing a journal to remember those important moments and thoughts of brilliance is imperative to your self-awareness.

Writing things down not only gives you reference, but you will be surprised by how much of what you write will serve you. Your journal will become your memory on paper and your collective thoughts that document your journey.

Regardless of the events of your life, your journal will be that sacred place where you can go back to, to remember the life you have lived, what you have learned, and how your journey has evolved.

Immortalize those moments you have walked though, learned, and continued past. Your words will bear witness to your journey, described in your own ideal. Immortalizing them on paper will allow you to not only share them with all your future generations, but to have a detailed account of your life.

Through good or bad, your words will forever be a testament to your views, your thoughts, and your perspective.

Your thoughts can be used as lessons to all those you love and cherish. Why not leave your immortalized thoughts to those you love?

Think, Write, and Organize

In our ever-changing world, with our minds running through millions of different thoughts on a moment-by-moment basis, we need a safe place to document and organize our thoughts.

A journal is an amazing place to allow the constant flow of thoughts, ideas, and dreams to take shape. A place to think, write, and organize your thoughts to create successful ideas by organizing a clear plan of action.

To most, a to-do list is a form of organization, but a journal gives life to explore the idea and set an organized fashion of tasks that expand daily.

Setting a Plan

As life spins by, many of us set our plans to forge ahead. However, many of us go through every day without any reference to a plan or any structure to make it happen. Of course, you can make a list, but where is the follow up?

It is hard to think that writing each and every day without any progress in itself makes you accountable for the day to day rambling of a dream that has not yet taken shape.

Sure, there is something to be said about living every day in the moment, but the fact is, this process allows the balance between the two to exist with details. If we want to become the best version of ourselves, then setting a plan and working out the day-to-day thought process is the best tool of action.

A journal serves as your plan, your map for the future, your destiny’s chronicles of your journey.

An Area to Quietly Create

An area of silence is a place to be free to create. Writing a journal is creative and divine all in the sense that new thoughts and creations are in you, waiting to be explored.

There is no filter, no editing, no word police. You are your thoughts; your thoughts are you. Create in this moment of silence what you have given yourself without allowing the principles of the outside world in.

Shape your reality with the power you have to do so in your quiet, creative time. By writing, you give your thoughts power, and by acknowledging them, you give them power to be made possible.

Write down how you will create everything you want and deserve. Once you have truly experienced this freedom to allow your brain to explore and truly listen, you will want to do this daily.

Similar to a form of meditation, this can become a habit of daily reflection that will serve you in your life for many years to come.

Research shows that habits are formed after 61 days. Day one is the hardest. After that, it becomes almost addictive. You will yearn to write and yearn for your quiet time to create.

Acknowledge and Grow

Learning to acknowledge your path and your growth from what you have been able to achieve in life is paramount for a successful life.

A journal, by all accounts, acts as the testament to your greater self and how you respond to the occurrences.

To acknowledge your faults, your greatness will not only allow you to grow but will allow you to have a better understanding of what makes you tick and why. It will allow you to apply the necessary changes that you can fully harness the power that is within you.

Being reminded of what you have done or handled incorrectly and your lessons learned will allow you to not only acknowledge what you learned but how you can grow from that situation.

Allow your greatness to flow and apply within yourself and allow those principles to manifest your best destiny. Your thoughts written daily will define your formula for success.

Utilizing your journal as a source of a documented growth and an accomplishment record enforces where you have been and where you want to walk successfully.

Becoming Self-Aware

Writing in a journal, you will not only find that there are moments when you have stopped thinking, but also when you can simply allow the thoughts to flow from mind to paper as a stream of consciousness.

Thoughts and words will help you to discover who you are, what you want, and who you really want to be. It will not only highlight the insignificance of the things in life you hold dear, but also how you can allow yourself to release that which does not serve you anymore.

Your journal will remind you of what is most important. In essence, this is your manifesto to your passion and purpose in this life, while keeping you on the path to self-awareness.

Journaling is an ideal way of assisting you on your life in so many ways. It helps you relax, helps alleviate stress, gives an area of unconditional acceptance, keeps a documented record to learn and reflect about yourself, allows access to emotional experiences, and allows for healing, keeping track of ideas.

It also serves as a creative outlet or simply to document a time of travel or an event in your life. Whatever the reason, it is a fundamental attribute of being human.

Embrace your life and your thoughts, and allow for growth.

Sat Nam!


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