Seeing Yourself In Higher Light…

Seeing Yourself In Higher Light

Seeing yourself in higher light is the key to creating the desired changes in your life. Learning to see yourself in higher light is required to create yourself anew. Without the ability to envision yourself doing something you currently can’t, you will never do it. The vision of yourself doing something you want will be the focal point of your motivation as you move forward. Without the vision, the motivation is lost; without the motivation, the desire will remain unfulfilled. The unity of vision and desire leads to success.

The key to self-improvement is seeing yourself in higher light. The components of seeing yourself in higher light are: maintaining a positive lense towards yourself, believing in yourself, letting go of negative beliefs, and believing you are without fault. Maintaining a positive lens towards yourself will allow you to maintain vision. Believing in yourself is key to keeping your focus. Letting go of negative beliefs ensures you do not stop yourself from seeing yourself positively. Believing you are without fault is part of seeing yourself in higher light.

Seeing yourself in higher light requires maintaining a positive lens. Looking at yourself and seeing the best parts of yourself is the way to be who you want to be. Placing your attention on your positive aspects is how these aspects will grow. Focusing on the parts of yourself you love is the way to see yourself in higher light. Motivating yourself completely requires you to look at yourself with the feeling of love. Being very clear as to why you are doing something is critical to maintaining motivation through the struggle.

The next step is believing in yourself. Self-belief is critical to going your own way, maintaining focus, and going the distance to achieve your goals. Self-belief enables you to walk the path with confidence you are headed in the right direction. Believing in yourself will allow you to do what is required. Self-belief gives you the fortitude to go the distance to achieve your goals.

Letting go of your negative beliefs is the most important step in seeing yourself in higher light. Your negative beliefs cloud your vision, undermine your self-belief, and stop you from being your best self. Letting go of them will stop all of this. This can be accomplished through an easy to perform meditation. The meditation involves working with your Higher Self to bring to light your most harmful negative beliefs. Your Higher Self can then release these beliefs and help you amplify new positive beliefs as well.

The way to see yourself in the highest light possible is to believe you are without fault. There is nothing wrong with the way you are being. The way you are being is perfect in every way. When you adopt this view of yourself, you create the means to allow yourself to become this way in the future. Seeing yourself in this light is the way to let go of your faults. The faults you have serve a purpose. Their purpose is to allow you to discover you are faultless. Once you no longer see your current state as containing faults, the faults begin to disappear. Being without shame helps you to see yourself as faultless. Without the shame attached, the corresponding state of being is able to be released. The way to see yourself in higher light is to be free of shame.


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