How To See The Beauty In Every Moment…

How To See The Beauty In Every Moment

The Now is All We Have

Life is something of a mystery…there is no way to predict what will happen next.

The only constant we can count on, the only thing that will stay consistent is the present moment.

Let Go

In order to center ourselves in the moment, we have to consciously let go of the normal chatter we hold on to.

It’s so easy to get caught up in thinking of the past or the future; and neither of those give us a sense of completeness or “fullness”.

There is a saying: most of the time we live in the past (memory) or the future (imagination); rarely are we grounded in the reality around us.

Make a decision to let it go.

Become a Witness

The next step to take after letting go of the past and future is to watch what’s going on around you.

Become a witness to what is happening. Allow yourself to become completely absorbed into everything going on around you; but not to the point where you are attached to it.

This is known as “witness” consciousness- observing without responding emotionally or physically…when practiced correctly, this leads to a great sense of freedom.

Practice Gratitude

You might think that gratitude is a feeling; but that’s not true. Gratitude is a natural state of being.

But just like a muscle, it gets weak when it’s not used.

That’s why when you are first starting a routine or a practice like this, you have to cultivate that sense of gratitude methodically.

Get in the habit of catching yourself when you make comparisons, and start writing in a journal…write what you’re grateful for.


After a while, you’ll find yourself feeling much more fulfilled and less swayed by the normal ups and downs of life. But it takes dedication.

You can do it!!



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