Secret Technique Of Meditation…

Secret Technique Of Meditation

SOURCE Divineblessing

When we think of meditation, the very best that we can think of are the Buddhist people. They can meditate for extraordinary time than normal person.

Although by practicing, anyone can meditate for long but there is indeed a secret technique which Buddhism uses in meditation.

This technique is called “The universal pause technique”.

This technique involves observing ones breath in a way such that we become aware of the subtle pauses that exists in  between our breath.


A normal person when inhales air inside, there comes a point when there is no breath, there is a little pause just before the person exhales. Same is the case for exhaling.

when the person exhales there comes a point when we do not breath at all just before inhaling. By universal pause technique, one can become aware of these pauses, and attain a blissful state.

Some say that that there is no breath at all when we became aware of the pauses.

To experience that, it takes time.

This technique is like a seed and will improve overtime.


  1. Exceptional method for self realization
  2. Once mastered, person is no longer affected by external circumstances.
  3. Absolute discipline over mind is developed.
  4. Memory is an aspect of mind. When mind becomes disciplined, it becomes free from unnecessary thoughts. Thus improves memory power also.


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