The Secret Meaning Of The Yantra…

The Secret Meaning Of The Yantra

The Secret Meaning of the Yantra

The Yantra: A Sign for the Ages


You’ve probably seen them or heard of them before…but what are they and what do they do?

Yantras, of course, have been used for thousands of years in eastern mysticism; but the point of creating them was not just because they look cool hanging on a wall, but because they help to bring people to a deeper level of consciousness by becoming transfixed on its central focus point. There are many different types of yantras, each with their own associated deity, and each with their own specific purpose.

The word yantra comes from the sanskrit root-word “yam”, meaning to control or subdue. To “control and subdue” obviously applies to the mind, as it tends to go all over the place! (It’s usually known as the monkey-mind in spiritual circles).


Every yantra has a central focus point that acts like a magnification of concentration and helps the mind to calm down. And each geometric shape and pattern has a specific meaning or symbology that applies to eastern spirituality.

For instance (from Wikipedia):

  • Circle = Energy of the element water
  • Square = Energy of the element earth
  • Upward-facing Triangle = Energy of the element fire; energy
  • Downward-facing Triangle = Energy of the element water; knowledge
  • Diagonal line = Energy of the element air
  • Horizontal line = Energy of the element water
  • Vertical line = Energy of the element fire
  • Point = Energy of the element ether

On an even deeper level, a yantra represents the macrocosmic and microcosmic forces coming together in harmony; the constant push and pull to-and-from the center creates a dynamic that reminds us of the harmony and balance in nature.

A Reminder of Our Deeper Nature

Yantras are powerful tools to help us achieve higher states of awareness, but they can also be used to remind us to stay centered throughout our day.

Check out our yantra collection and bring this reminder of higher consciousness into your everyday life 🙂


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