Scorpio Season 2020: All Hell Breaks Loose…

Scorpio Season 2020: All Hell Breaks Loose

September 22 – October 23

“If you didn’t think things could get worse, you’d be so wrong as we will find out in Scorpio! But a preface: the greatest light comes from the deepest dark.” – @ArikXander

Hi Stargazers!

Proceed with caution. That’s Scorpio! Scorpio is an intense archetype that can burn when it feels mistreated. It’s still on the surface, but it boils within. Ruled by Pluto, Scorpio is a time that basically demands transformation and intense introspection with Mercury retrograde in it. It’s time to really look at ourselves and beyond our propensity to self-judge!

What can we anticipate during Scorpio 2020?

Thankfully, there is a lot of earth in the chart, grounding any negativity that’s getting dug up! At the same time, we need to be careful to not seek too much security within the material. Let’s use this energy to unleash from material addictions and obsessions.

Remember that Mars and the Black Moon are both retrograde and aligned in Aries! So much aggression and anger is in the air! You feel it! People are just acting abnormal! Boundaries are needed as many of us will get sucked into codependency left and right. We’ll be so deep into enmeshment and we won’t even notice it, even after we hit a wall! Be strict with yourself when it comes to dealing with others.

This isn’t going to be an easy month as the month is packed with difficult transits. Actually, the worst transit of 2020 is the Halloween Full Moon in Taurus. The chart is quite spooky and it could really resurrect energies that should remain asleep. I have torn this chart apart to find something to balance it out, and there is no way out unless we transcend the astrology with inner transformation.

Just think of how our lives have changed already for almost a year. Rhetoric has replaced information, the economy is curtailed and many people border poverty, kids can’t go to school, we are in curfew or complete lock-down – all things we would experience in war. A war we lost the moment our way of life has been destroyed.

We have to realize that when positive changes are being made, the negative forces won’t stand down. Just like a light warrior, dark warriors rise and join together to overcome and suppress light and they are way more outspoken and violent than light warriors, and that’s what’s happening now. The light was winning and now the darkness is making noise. And yet, if the darkness wins, the world will go back to being still on the surface and into a deep state of despair below – as opposed to detox within and a rough surface. We as a collective are too addicted to things looking good without them actually being good, and that’s what so many of us will get.

The silver lining is when Mercury goes direct on Election Day, but that’s only if we survive the Halloween Full Moon. Jupiter will then join with Pluto, exaggerating judgment and violence. Then, a few days after when Mars turns direct, people who are aiming, will hit their targets with hatred and malice.

So this is a call to action for anyone who wants to challenge their brainwashed perspectives, or who wants to shift out of this reality: do the inner work of self-transformation now as much as you can. We don’t need everyone to shift, we only need a minimum. Meanwhile, please do what you can to take precautions, because all hell will break loose in Scorpio. To be very honest, the only way we are going to get out of this reality is to shift out of it with consciousness. The world has become such a playground for dark energies and in Scorpio they have even more permission to walk around, even in daylight when they are supposed to be grounded in the earth.

Don’t fight with others, take it within, and trust in the spiritual system.

As my readers know, I don’t like forecasting negative outcomes, but I also can’t lie. When you know better, you do better, and in these desperate times, we need to be aware of how others will use this negative energy.

Transits during Scorpio Season 2020:

  • Oct 22 Sun enters Scorpio (access the virtual ritual)
  • Oct 27 Mercury Retrograde enters Libra
  • Oct 27 Venus enters Libra
  • Oct 31 Full Moon in Taurus (access the virtual ritual)
  • Nov 3 Mercury Direct
  • Nov 10 Mercury enters Scorpio
  • Nov 12 Jupiter conjunct Pluto
  • Nov 13 Mars Direct
  • Nov 15 New Moon in Scorpio (access the virtual ritual)
  • Nov 21 Venus enters Scorpio

Scorpio will ask us to take care of our large intestine and sexual organs. “I am basically clean and good” is what we say when we do the Scorpio exercise from my Vessel Building App. Check out the in-app subscription to get a deeper insight into the archetypes of the day within the app. You can also use the Scorpio Essential Oil Blend in your diffuser.

Are you a Scorpio?

If you need some more illumination in your life or want to get a clear idea of what the Scorpio season will look like for you, get a chart reading with me. If you have some health goals, book a healing with me. If you’re a Scorpio, your solar return (your birthday is coming up) book in an appointment with me to see what your next journey around the Sun has in store for you!

For Self Care

Waiting too long to deal with your stress or fears? During these uncertain times, your mental health is more important than ever, and waiting to get healing until the pandemic is over is likely to make things worse in the long run.

Using the technology of Astrolochi®, I can help you! I offer spiritual, mental, and emotional tele-wellness, remote healings, and video readings. Get more information by sending a message on

Need some help with this Scorpio Season?

The Scorpio archetype is the great purifier to prepare us for rebirth and new beginnings. It helps us to let go of the old so that we can become eternally renewed and rejuvenated.

Utilize the astrological sun meditation to help you transcend and optimize the Scorpio archetype within and around you! Since everything comes from light, all the ions, atoms, and cosmic pixels are influenced by the Scorpio archetype, which filters the light of the sun before we receive it here on earth.


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