Scientific Studies Prove Reiki Is Real…

Scientific Studies Prove Reiki Is Real

Scientific Studies Support Reiki!

I have been a practicing, teaching Reiki Master for 20 years. I’ve personally experienced this gentle hands-on healing countless times, experienced its transformational healing effects and witnessed countless others reap its rewards. I now have no doubt whatsoever of its ability to improve one’s health and wel-lbeing on every level. However, if you feel the need for some scientific proof before having a treatment, I can relate.

When I first discovered reiki I was very much a ‘just the facts, Ma’am’ type of newspaper reporter. Mere opinions didn’t impress me much. But when my father in the final stages of cancer rated it equal to morphine for pain relief, I took notice. I decided to experience it for myself, and shortly thereafter underwent training so I could really put it to the test with regular self-treatments.

I immediately noticed Reiki’s often touted stress and pain reducing effect, but that was just the beginning of my self-healing. Over a period of months I was able to dissolve nasal polyps I was slated to have surgically removed, which made a true believer of me. From that place of knowing I began an inner journey that enabled me to express my talents and abilities much more fully, which literally changed my life. I left the newspaper, become a published author, and have been on a quest to explore and promote holistic healing ever since.

You don’t have to take my word for it – there have now been enough studies to satisfy the most inquiring of minds. Though I believe Reiki must be experienced to be fully appreciated, I hope this article provides the assurance you may need before taking that step.

Reiki is now commonly regarded as a stress and pain reliever beneficial in emergency situations. Possibly the most notable example is that a Reiki station was established to treat fire fighters and first responders at Ground Zero during the 9/11 tragedy. The Mayo Clinic and Mayo Clinic Cancer Center offer Reiki for both hospital and clinic patients, and Reiki is listed as a form of care in the Holistic Nursing ‘Scope and Standards of Practice’.

Reiki is offered at over 800 US hospitals, provided by physicians, nurses and support staff who have received Reiki training. It has become an accepted practice used in operating rooms since the mid-90s.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, M.D., Professor and Vice Chairman of Surgery at Columbia University in New York City, Director of the Cardiovascular Institute, and Founder and Director for the Complementary Medicine Program at New York Presbyterian Hospital, is a great advocate of Reiki who has used it in his practice for over a decade.

Oz conducted research on its effects on his surgical patients with Reiki trained Julie Motz, RN, who assisted in 11 open heart surgeries and transplants. They reported their patients had no post-operative depression, pain or leg weakness; no organ rejection (in transplants); a better functioning immune system, and a positive attitude toward healing.

The Hartford Hospital also conducted studies measuring levels of patients’ pain, nausea, and anxiety levels before and after receiving Reiki. The results showed 80% – 95% of participants reported improved sleep and reduced pain, nausea and anxiety.

Reiki is routinely used by individual athletes as well as professional sports teams because it not only enhances performance, it’s been demonstrated to speed recovery from injuries and surgery.

I always recommend Reiki for its many benefits. It’s so powerful it can be used in place of drugs during labour, yet so gentle you can use it with infants. Plants and animals also have positive responses to Reiki, and it’s a powerful initiate into a spiritual practice. It is my sincere hope that you give Reiki a try and see for yourself. You have nothing to lose, and so much to gain!

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