Scientific Explanation Of The Laws-Of-Karma…

Scientific Explanation Of The Laws-Of-Karma

When faced with difficulties, have you ever wondered, “Why is this happening to me? What did I ever do to deserve this suffering and pain?”

A scientific understanding of the laws of karma, as propounded by Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, regarding how we bind karma, how can we become free of all karma, whether we can or we cannot really change or stop any karma, etc. will help us answer these questions:

● How do we bind Good or Bad Karma? – People call the visible actions to be the karma. When in reality, the visible acts are an effect of the karma we bound in our past life. Karma is bound through our inner intent and not through external actions (good or bad). Good external action does not necessarily mean we’ve bound good karma only. If our intention behind the good action is maligned, we end up binding bad karma. On the same lines, although our external action maybe bad but if our inner intent is good, we do not bind bad karma.

● The Balance-sheet of karma – Good karma will bring us happiness in our next life, and bad karma makes us suffer. But be it good or bad karma, both shackle us in the vicious cycle of birth and death. The shackle of good karma is like that made of gold while the shackle of bad karma is like one made of iron. We cannot attain liberation until we become free of both gold and iron shackles i.e. free from both good and bad karma. Our balance sheet of Karma has to zero out in order to break free from the cycle of birth and rebirth.

● The Principle of Karma – We bind karma when we claim doership of any action. As long as we believe ‘I am the doer’, we continue to bind new karma and suffer the consequences of those karma. We are binding karma, even in our sleep, because of our belief of doership (eg. I am sleeping)!

● The Law of Cause and Effect – Something happened in the past that is causing whatever we are seeing happening in our life today. It means whatever is happening right now in our life is the effect of some old karma we had bound in our previous life. The effect of karma is unchangeable and inevitable. Yet day in and day out, we all are preoccupied with and strive to change the effects of our old karma, when really, we should be concerned about the cause of new karma.

The cause of new karma is essentially our wrong belief of ‘I am the doer’, followed by our attachment and/or abhorrence towards whatever is happening in and around us.

● Relationship between Karma and Soul – Karma and Soul are distinct but they seem connected due to the wrong belief of doership.

If we attain the right belief that, ‘I am a Pure Soul and hence I am not the doer’, and maintain its awareness, then irrespective of what our actions are, we will not bind any new karma. The right belief can only happen after we attain Self-Realization. In today’s times through Akram Vignan, it is possible to attain Self-Realization easily with the direct grace of the Living Gnani.

In conclusion, the only way to get our balance sheet of karma to balance out at zero is to attain the knowledge of really ‘who am I’ from the Living Gnani, understand from him ‘who is the real doer’ and follow his given principles in daily life, so that we stop charging new karma, and are able to deal with the effects of karma, that we’d bound in our previous lives, through peace and equanimity. When all the effects of karma have been completely experienced, we will attain the ultimate liberation. Such are the laws of karma!


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