7 Huge Scientific Discoveries Made In Ancient India (#5 Shocked Me!)…

7 Huge Scientific Discoveries Made In Ancient India (#5 Shocked Me!)


Surprisingly, Hinduism is the only religion that was pro-science from its inception. It was built upon the foundation of seeking truth — and that led many Rishis down interesting and bold paths of discovery.

Rishis means ‘seer’: they were philosophers, mathematicians, and scientists who made fundamental discoveries that are recorded in the Vedas. But they weren’t just taken as truth; Rishis and laypeople would have robust debates about all their claims in order to ascertain if their validity.

In ancient times, India had a strong grasp of the scientific method and incorporated it in nearly every important matter. To them, it was a way of life. Much of that forward thinking seems to have lost steam, but to this day, their achievements remain extremely impressive.

In fact, it makes one pause, and think…how is it most of us have never heard of these before?

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1) Mathematics

Search Engine Hashing Algorithms – Kathapayadi System Musicology; Concept of zero (as a number and as a marker), concept of Infinity and concept of the Decimal Number System (with a carry-forward); Pythagoras Theorem

2) Evolution

British geneticist and evolutionary biologist, J B S Haldane, observed that the Dashavataras (ten principal avatars of Lord Vishnu) are a true sequential depiction of the great unfolding of evolution. These avatars of  Vishnu show an uncanny similarity to the biological theory of evolution of life on earth.

3) Cosmology

Hindus were the first to link time to astrological phenomena, like the movement of stars. They defined the solar year, 365 days, and the lunar year, 354.

The Big Bang theory is mentioned as early as the Rig Veda, where, in Mandala X –  the Cosmos and the ‘Golden Egg’ or the Sun, is born from the Cosmic Void – often  called as Asat (Non-being) – also meaning ‘Non-wisdom’ or Chaos. In Hindu cosmology, it is believed that the universe is created and destroyed in a cycle every 16.32 billion years. Quite interestingly, this period is quite close to the current scientific age of the universe.

4) The Atom

About 1900 years ago, Kanada wrote ten books on atomic theory and ’cause and effect’. He identified atoms as ‘Parmanu’, and chemical action as ‘Paka’.

5) Medicine

Ayurveda is a healing science that was founded in 1000 BCE — far before Hippocrates came along. In fact, it was also taught to Chinese, Greek, Roman and Persian students who  studied at the great Indian Universities as Takshila in Pakistan and Nalanda in India – as early as 700BCE.

Hindus even had the first medicinal plant symposium in 700 BCE, in the Himalayas. AND they wrote the first book on surgery which included: plastic and rhinoplastic, transplanting skin flaps, cataract crouching, hernias, fractures, dislocations, and c-sections.

Without a doubt, they were on top of it!

6) Vegetarianism

Science has discovered the health and mental health (to some extent) benefits of Vegetarianism, a practice encouraged in the Vedas as a way to bypass bad karma.

7) Yoga

It goes without saying that yoga was an important discovery for Rishis; after all, science has validated that yoga has huge benefits for physical and mental health. Today, meditation and asanas (postures) are studied around the world by top experts in a variety of fields.



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